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  5. "Where is dad?"

"Where is dad?"

Translation:Где папа?

November 9, 2015



I dont even have the first second letter on my keypad so its imposible for me to pass it.


You can write it as "Gde papa" as the second letter is a "d"


He just went to get some milk, he'll be right back.


Отец = father (very official word). Папа = dad. Папочка [PA-poch-ka], папуля [pa-PU-lya], папаня [pa-PA-nya] = daddy.

The word отец is used pretty rarely. Usually we call our dads "папа". "Отец" is used by the lawyers, in official documents, and in cases when your father is too authoritarian / too far from your soul to be your friend. Just like Luke and Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars ;)

P.S. There is the same situation with мать=mother, мама=mom and мамочка=mommy.


"I am your Отец, Luke."


I am a former fan of Star wars so I understand


Я твой отец, Льук




it would be nice to have a phonetic description for the sentence.


me at duolingo when i miss a day's practice


I would add "пап" as an answer as well, since in spoken Russian it is used just as often as papa


You could use "пап" in Russian when you're addressing your dad, not when you're just talking about him.

[deactivated user]

    Are you sure it would be used in this context? I believe «пап» is an emerging Vocative form, and it won't be used in this context since here «папа» is not a direct address. Also, it's rarely used in writing.


    Wtf i wrote отец but this damn app told me im wrong?!


    Because "отец" is too official and it feels like if your father is, well, anything but. While it might be common in your mothertongue or English, we usually just resort to "папа" normally. I don't think that отец is used in normal, everyday speach.


    Please just make a dictionary so that all we have to do is pace them Duolingo!


    Duolingo is really excellent and helping me to learn languages in an easy way.But I don't how to type Russian letter using the keyboard.Can anyone suggest me how to type Russian letter in the exercise provided.


    Either android or iphone, you just need to add the languages to your keyboard from settings! If your native board is English (android), you'd see [EN] at the bottom left near the [1#+] and [?] buttons, you would tap or hold to choose selected language board. For example : [RU] would show for Russian, and [日] shows for Japanese. Hope this helps!


    Why " где батя?" is wrong?


    Почему не принимает ответ "где отец"?


    In my answer there was no options as like мой only мою which refers to female only

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