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  5. "Вот мой план."

"Вот мой план."

Translation:Here is my plan.

November 9, 2015



We will take the back door since we can't go head on our only option is to flank them. When we are behind them, I will take the one on the left, you get the one on the right. After they are both down the heavies will make a frontal assault, after they find out their flanks are exposed, they will retreat. We cannot let them regroup with their reinforcements, so we will cut them off there. After that, we should have reinforcements for the front line. Taking the rest out will be a breeze.

Any questions?


My gun jammed

Guess it's a club now


Так точно, товарищ!


this is my plan and here is my plan, in my mind are equally correct

[deactivated user]

    Probably they are, but «This is my plan» roughly corresponds to Russian «Это мой план», so this course wants you to use «Вот...» for «Here's...» and «Это...» for «This is...».


    Да, в этом может быть и есть смысл, но это не должно считаться ошибкой v placement test


    i guess, 'here is my plan' is more like proposing your idea to people rather than owning it by saying 'it's my plan'.


    Depending on the emphasis it could be used interchangeably


    I thought план also meant 'map'. Does it not?


    Yes, it can approximate the map but only in very limited situations : это план местности. This is the map of terrain.


    Here is my plan, we storm area 51. They can't stop us all!


    Here's my plan: There is no plan


    I got away with " вот моё план.

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