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  5. "a good and quiet night"

"a good and quiet night"

Translation:хорошая и тихая ночь

November 9, 2015



Shouldn't "добрая и тихая ночь" be an acceptable translation since добрый is frequently used to describe different times of day?

[deactivated user]

    Is it? I think «добрая и тихая ночь» sounds much less natural than «хорошая и тихая ночь» in Russian. :?

    Of course, you say it in greeting (добрый день, доброе утро, добрый вечер) and and farewells (доброй ночи), and sometimes you can say it in other situations, but I believe «хорошая» is much more common.


    I appreciate the input, and am all for whatever sounds most natural, though I do suppose Duolingo is a bit infamous for its unnatural sentences. Hmm.. I just wanted to make sure using добрый in this instance isn't absolutely incorrect. If it isn't we should probably add it as a "possible" translation, rather than smacking students on the hand just because "That's not the way we do things here."

    And another completely unrelated question.. How do you type « and »? Are alt-codes the only option, or is there another simpler keyboard shortcut that I'm not aware of?

    [deactivated user]

      How do you type « and »?

      I’m using a non-standard keyboard layout. There’re different options, Ilya Birman’s one seems to be one of the most popular option for Windows (it has a Mac version too, but I think Mac provides some support out-of-the-box?).

      In Linux, you can use the «Включить дополнительные типографские символы» option (not sure how it’s called, maybe «Enable additional typographic symbols»?), or pass -option misc:typo if you’re using setxkbmap in the command-line.


      Great! Thanks for the link, I'm checking it out now. Again, I appreciate your help.


      Why cant we use хорошо here?


      Хорошо is the adverb. Хорошая is the feminine adjective.


      I think technically this is a correct translation, however you have to imagine the context. Sing a good word or a good night doesn't sound appropriate in English but it's correct. It would be softer to say a nice night. So, again, I don't think there's anything wrong with it translation, it is just in this context you may want to use a softer word. And, хорошая is the softer form.


      How is ночь feminine if you write Спокойной ночи? isn't спокойной an adjective with a masculine ending?


      If it's all in the feminine why is it спокойной ночи and not спокойная ночь?

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