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The Memrise version of the Russian course

I don't see a topic about the Memrise course here. So maybe not everyone knows, but thanks to cherub721, Memrise has a course which complements this Duolingo's one: http://www.memrise.com/course/378212/duolingo-russian-full-audio/
It can be used in addition to learning Russian here, and as for now it has a special advantage of having a mobile version.

November 9, 2015



Thank you for letting us know. Personally, I had never heard of it and I'm definitely going to start that one, too!


Thanks, signed up. See you on the leader board ;).


This course is for the English for Russian speakers. I am not sure if she is going to dissect her course and replace it with content for the Russian for English speakers course, I know that her original idea, but it would be a shame if that was so. There is also someone else who mentioned that they were going to create a memrise course for this. There is another thread somewhere. Hard to find as the duolingo search feature isn't forum specific.


Hi. I'm not going to replace anything (other than deleting a couple of sentences here and there that are awkward). My plan is to add to the new content so it will have the content of both trees. For right now I'm focusing on adding stuff from the English to Russian tree.


Awesome, so it's going to be double as good! I haven't started your course on memrise yet, I think I am doing too many courses there, and/or too lazy as i can never keep up with them all. Also just started my own course adding words from my Russian lessons, so its a lot of work. But I hope to start your course at some point in my studying as it looks good, and has good audio for everything which is awesome!.


I've been working on a Russian for English speakers course on memrise. I have the first 32 lessons completed. You can find it at - http://www.memrise.com/course/872951/duolingo-russian-5/


Thank you, but I found it very stressful to type in Cyrillic against the clock. I don't think I have yet found the proper way to do it. Another poster on this discussion board very kindly recommended a Cyrillic "keyboard", which I have open in another tab. This lets me type the word or phrase OK, but then I have to cut/copy and paste it into my Memrise tab. I am also doing exactly the same for Duolingo itself, but at least with that, there is no timer, so I'm not being marked wrong for being too slow with my cut and paste! Obviously, there has to be a simpler way of doing it - a way I don't know about yet.


http://memrise-users.wikia.com/wiki/Memrise_Addons_%26_Scripts There's a Memrise userscript to disable the countdown timer. They also have one for forgiving typos (it notifies you if one letter is off and allows you to retry) which is extremely helpful when learning a new language. Kinda like training wheels.

As for keyboards, this one is phonetic and very easy to use http://www.benya.com/transliterator/


Thank you, I will experiment with those suggestions. I'm reasonably familiar with the Latin keystroke combinations to make the Cyrillic characters, although I've noticed there is no universal system, and all the tools vary slightly. But if you've learnt one, it's not too hard to adapt to another.


Once you install that transliterator, if you go to add ons and options, it tells you the combinations you need to make each letter (I suppose you could even edit them but I don't know how). Good luck!


If you are using the mobile app the alphabet is not a problem. And it doesn't have a timer. Also, you may ask the course author to add alphabet buttons for typing tests to the desktop version.


What is the difference between this course 378212 and another one 872951 mentioned in the comments?


Great! Thank you very much for this.


Great! I started right away!

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