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  5. "I have zero money."

"I have zero money."

Translation:Jeg har null penger.

November 9, 2015



I would not consider this translation good English - usually "money" is not a countable noun like this. I would say "I have no money". Is this the same everywhere?


Well, "zero" doesn’t quite count things either. I have heard it many times in the sense of "none at all", e.g. "he has zero credibility". It’s possible that it’s originally an Americanism, but it seems natural to me. You can only do with this "zero" though, and not with its synonym "nought".

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I have a degree to teach us English, and you are correct!


"Jeg har ingen penger." is what you say in Norwegian.


Would you use this sentence to say that you have no money, like if you were on a night out and spent all your money?


This sentence could be said if you were broke, but it would be more common to say "Jeg har ingen penger" or "Jeg er blakk".

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