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"Мы думали, Петербург город в Германии."

Translation:We thought Saint Petersburg was a city in Germany.

November 9, 2015



Quick let's call it Petrograd.


Good old Peter the Great for dragging Russia into the present. Bearded men: watch out.


Actually the suffix "bourg" (Strasbourg, Cherbourg) is of latin origin. This suffix has the meaning "town". "Salzburg", on the other hand, has the suffix "burg" which means "mountain" in german.


Burg doesn't mean mountain. That would be Berg. Burg means castle as in medieval fortress where e.g. knights lived. Source: I'm a native speaker


Спасибо брат :))


Its hard to imagine that "Burg" has a Latin origin. If that was true then why we saw a little to none evidence such word or similar is being applied to cities in Roman's speaking countries?


Not an expert so I might be wrong on this, but as a native French speaker, the suffix "bourg" does not necessarily evoke latin origins to me. Wiktionary says -bourg comes from latin burgus, which itself comes from old germanic burg Even though Strasbourg is today in France, I don't need to mention the painful history of the region and I'm pretty sure the name of the city is actually of Germanic origin (Wikipedia confirms it). There are cities with -bourg or bourg- in France and I guess in those cases the origin can be latin, but do not assume that this the case all over Europe, the origin could very well be germanic (think Luxembourg). In the case of Saint Petersburg, Wikipedia says it was inspired by the Dutch suffix -burg, so most likely germanic in this case


Why doesn't it have to be мы думали, что... ?

[deactivated user]

    You can drop «что» in such sentences. But of course, if you use it, it’s OK too.


    In another course I was told that что is required in Russian even when it isn't in English. Are there some times when it's necessary to say что and others where it isn't?

    [deactivated user]

      I think it depends on the verb. With some verbs «что» can be easily dropped (like думать 'think', полагать 'to believe', слышать 'to hear', видеть 'to see' when it is used metaphorically), while with others it sounds colloquial and informal (видеть 'to see' when it refers to actually seeing something with your eyes, знать 'to know').


      Someone never studied geography!!


      Donald, are you learning Russian?




      How to trigger Peter the Great:


      Were is Saint по русски это не написано


      We thought the city of Petersburg was in Germany.. Why is this wrong?


      Because of the dash after petersburg. That dash serves as "is" in English. City of petersburg would've been город петербурге(petersburg in it's genitive case)


      I cannot hear the word "в" at all lol

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