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  5. "I do not think so."

"I do not think so."

Translation:Я так не думаю.

November 9, 2015



When translating Russian to English, wasn't "Я думаю нет" translated as: "I don't think so"? So why is it not accepted going the other way? Or does "Я думаю нет" literally mean: "I don't think", rather than: "I don't think SO"?

I really thought it was a gift when - as sometimes happens - I got the reverse translation of the one I'd just done, and was sure I'd get it right. So I was really surprised when "Я думаю нет" was rejected.


It's probably a mistake. Я думаю нет should be a correct translation.


Ah, I should have had the courage of my convictions and reported it, in that case. But it's not completely unknown for me to forget something between one question and the next, so I wondered if I was confused about what I thought I'd just seen!


"Я думаю нет." is not a correct translation of "I don't think so." You can translate it "Я не думаю так" or "Я так не думаю", the latter is more common.

"Я думаю, нет" means "I think, no"

"I don't think" means "Я не думаю".


I used Я не так думаю. And got it wrong. I admit im a bit confused here.


I'm pretty sure не needs to be with думаю and you were marked wrong for separating them with так. It would be like saying in English "I do not so think" which is just odd and awkward, or literally equivalent to "I not so think" which is complete nonsense.

Correct would be either Я так не думаю or Я не думаю так. Either way, you need to clearly be negating думаю.


Same here. I think what we said is correct, it's just weird to say--like if someone said, "think in this way I do not." It's still gramatically correct, but you wouldn't want to talk like that in real life.


Why is "я не так думаю" wrong?


Не так думаю should be accepted.


No, but Так не думаю might be.


Why is "не думаю" accepted here but "Я не думаю" isn't?


I think that Я не думаю means "I don't think" (and without the я maybe it can no longer have that meaning so instead becomes don't think so). Just another of my guesses haha.


It takes думаю что нет but will not take я думаю что нет WTH??

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