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  5. "Onu öğrencilere anlatıyor."

"Onu öğrencilere anlatıyor."

Translation:He is explaining it to the students.

November 9, 2015



Why "onu", not "o"?


I think "onu" is the accusative form of "o". And since "onu" is the direct object of "anlatıyor" here, it's in the accusative case. (Not 100% sure though)


Just to add. The 'he' is hidden in the Turkish sentence. If you opt for using it (which is totally fine), it will be:

O onu öğrencilere anlatıyor.


I got it now. I totally missed the "it" in "He's explaining it to the students". Thanks a lot!


Much less confusing for learners to have the object, O, in the sentence.


"Onu" was a trap! And I fell for it... If it were "o", the sentence would be: "He/She is explaining to the students." Because it's not in the accusative form; thus it's not the object, but rather the subject, but in this sentence "onu" is accusative; thus it's the object... The subject "o" was omitted!


How would one say "to students" or "to a student"?

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