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  5. "Его тётя - сестра его отца."

"Его тётя - сестра его отца."

Translation:His aunt is his father's sister.

November 9, 2015



Why is 'his aunt is the sister of his father' not a correct answer?


It's accepted now (25 Jan 2016).


Тётя sounds kinda similar to our spanish "Tío-tía" hahaha


The first time I heard the audio, I heard chocha!


So I assume that отца in genitive case for "father" - ? Why is it not отеца?


оте́ц shows one pattern of Russian declination adding or losing a vowel:

[ оте́ц → отцы́ ‧ father/s ]
[ коне́ц → конца́ ‧ end/s ]
[ не́мец → не́мцы ‧ german man/men ] [ па́лец → па́льцы ‧ finger/s ‧ toe/s ]

The lengthy and complex history explaining these patterns eludes the scope of comment. Some English words do not follow the s/es plural pattern and they too have a lengthy history:

axis → axes | child → children | datum → data | foot → feet | half → halves | man → men | mouse → mice |

падеж ед. ч. мн. ч.
Им. оте́ц отцы́
Р. отца́ отцо́в
Д. отцу́ отца́м
В. отца́ отцо́в
Тв. отцо́м отца́ми
Пр. отце́ отца́х
Зв. о́тче

беглый гласный звук ‧ fluent vowel sound
Russian zero / null morpheme

беглые гласные ‧ Escaped / Runaway / Fugitive Vowels
Russian Fleeting / Fill / Inserted / Mobile Vowels
‧ ‧ Fleeting Vowels

[ окно́ о́кна о́кон ] ‧ [отец отцу] ‧ [ ружьё ружий ] ‧ fleeting vowel ‧ inserted vowel ‧ examples: палец, рынок, ужасен, лёд (compare to льдом), свадеб (compare to свадьба), чаек (compare to чайка), заём (compare to займа) ‧ Cornell U Ru

[е] [о] [ъ] [ь] Genitive plural, nouns with a stem ending in two (or more) consonants need a vowel (o or e) which is inserted before the last consonant. In most cases, e is inserted if the stem end in ж/ш/ч/ц/щ/soft с + consonant or a soft consonant + consonant, and о is used if the stem ends in another combination of consonants. ‧ Ru genitive plural ‧ fleeting vowel

коне́ц • end ‧ m inan (genitive конца́, nominative plural концы́, genitive plural концо́в)


Его дедушка - отец его отца. Am i right?


what is the difference between отца and отeц?


отeц is the first case, so 'father', отца is the second/genitive case, so 'of the father'


Almost looks like his aunt's sister is his father. Lol

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