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  5. "У тебя есть молоко?"

"У тебя есть молоко?"

Translation:Do you have milk?

November 9, 2015



why is "got milk?" wrong?


Probably because it's a colloquial expression that is technically grammatically incorrect and maybe the course creators are not familiar with that particular ad campaign? Are you even allowed to say it if you're not wearing a milk mustache?


This means, do you have milk, or are you in possession of milk. Got milk would be an Americanized "slang" or something abnormal that Russians don't normally say.


I once heard of the ads being run in Latin America, mistranslated to the Spanish phrase a nurse would ask a new mother - "Are you lactating?"


By the way "У тебя есть молоко?" could be translated as "Are you lactating?" too.


That's great! :D


Wow really i didn't know that


I tried this too lol


Why if you say у меня есть it means 'i have' but if you say у тебя есть it means 'do you have'. In the first sentence it means i and in the second it means you why? An why we didn't use я for i here?


It is a question, that's why you use "do you have...?" here. In Russian the words order are the same in affirmative and interrogative sentences.

  • У меня есть молоко. - I have milk.
  • У меня есть молоко? - Do I have milk?
  • У тебя есть молоко. - You have milk.
  • У тебя есть молоко? - Do you have milk?


Thank you it helps me a lot :)


Thank you ns_shadow for this helpful clarification. But I am also wondering why the correct form for "I have" is not "Я меня есть" in these instances?


Because " ya menya est' " means "I me is". The literal translation of " U menya est' " is "On me is".


Not 'on me', but 'by me' or 'near me'


just like in portuguese! thank god haha


What is the difference between у тебя and у вас?


У тебя - ты - singular informal "you"

У вас - вы - plural or singular formal "you"


Why is У at the start what it means


my (incorrect )answer - do you have any milk? is colloquial english


I suppose you'd better send a report in such a case :) Because not all correct answers have been added yet :)


How do I say "Do you have the milk?" Since russian lacks articles. The specific milk as a pose to just milk in general.


У тебя есть такое молоко? for example :) You can say it to find out if somebody has that sort of milk. And you're supposed to clarify what sort of milk you mean.


One cas say also "у тебя есть то молоко?" meaning some specific milk that they discussed recently and it is clear for both of them what they meant. But some clarification is usually required.


So if you just looked in the fridge and didn't find it, for example, you couldn't just say to the other person in the kitchen, "У тебя есть молоко?"


"U tebya yest' moloko" I put this as my answer and I got it wrong. I practice Duolingo on my PC, so whenever I need to translate an English sentence in Russian, I translate it in English alphabets. However, I seem to always get "есть" incorrect. I've tried "yest," " yest'," and "est." How do I type "есть" in English?


Unfortunately it still doesn't work :^(


I bought Russian keyboard stickers for my keyboard and installed Russian on my PC (Windows), so I can switch to Russian letters if needed.


Is having a question mark at the end of the sentence the only way to distinguish if you're asking "do you have milk?" Vs "You have milk." ??


You can also use "ли" (something like whether) to make a question Есть ли у тебя молоко? (or Нет ли у тебя молока? - it means just the same)

But in this form - yes, a question mark and intonation, sorry *(


Does this sound like a question to you? Because I can't distinguish this from "You have milk". Do Russians stress their questions differently? I mean, do they stress a question by using higher sounds at the last word. Or do they not and the computer voice is doing it right?


Lot of slavic countries does it like you say, I think Russians do it too. Voices in here are weird in every language, so chill out.


I quit. Doulingo teaches no grammar. At best, it might be useful to learn vocabulary. But with the computer generated voices it is very hard to get a realistic speaking of words.


I dont want to learn how to write . What should I do ?


don't learn Russian

its really not that hard


why is "a milk" wrong, is it because it's a singular?


No, it's because milk is uncountable noun.


oooohhh he needs some milk (vine reference)


what's the difference between "тебя" and "ты"??


I'm assuming that "тебя" is the singular "you" and not the collective. That being the case, is there a collective "you" or a "y'all" in Russian?


If you're looking for plural 'you', it's "вы". The sentence starts with preposition "у", which require the genitive case for associated noun/pronoun. "Тебя" is the genitive case of "ты", which is singular 'you'. "Вас" would be the genitive of "вы", which is plural 'you'.

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