"В этом районе все дворы большие."

Translation:All yards in this district are big.

November 9, 2015



In American english, it sounds awkward to leave out "the" in this case. Could we add "All the yards in this district" and/or "in this district, all the yards..."?

November 9, 2015


Interesting! I didn‘t know that. This interesting difference between the variants of English. I was taught British English in school (not native, but fluent) and leaving out the ‘the’ doesn‘t sound a bit awkward to me.

Yes, I think that should be accepted. After all, Duolingo is based in the US.

January 5, 2017


It doesn't have anything do with a difference between American and non-American English. "All the yards" sounds more normal in British English, too. I think people often say 'American English' in their comments just because they want to specify their area of expertise.

May 1, 2018


I agree (and I am not American). This sounds painfully awkward to the extent that some of the meaning is lost. "All the yards/fields" is certainly an improvement, but as someone else mentioned, "all of the yards/fields" is by far the best translation. This urgently needs fixing, so please report this every time you encounter this question. I am reporting now, Feb2019

February 22, 2019


I also think it makes sense in English with "of":

"In this district all of the yards are big."

March 17, 2016


Why "district", not "area"?

September 26, 2016


I agree. I have the sense in American English the word district has very specific uses (school district, business district, etc.) and area is the more general term that I would use in this case unless I meant a very specific thing such as, "This district was zoned to allow large yards."

May 5, 2018


"In this district all the yards are big" was rejected. I reported.

May 20, 2018


Reported too.

July 1, 2018


Me too. The clock is ticking!

March 5, 2019


What is wrong with "in this neighborhood, all the yards are large?"

May 14, 2018


Wondering the same thing...

July 1, 2018


I put " In this district all the yards are large." They said it should be "All the yards are large in this district." I think ghey are just trying to piss me off.

May 14, 2018


Perhaps the yards there are 40 inches instead of the customary 36....?

August 26, 2018


Not "всё" but "все" here

September 26, 2018


Yes, that seems correct, but it sure SOUNDS like "всё." Can a Russian native speaker tell is if the audio is mispronouncing this?

April 2, 2019


I'm a Russian.

April 2, 2019


Great! So am I right that this is spelled correctly but pronounced wrong, as if it were "всё"? (especially the male voice, as I recall)

April 2, 2019


This is spelled correctly. There is not "ё" here. There is "е". But pronounced wrong (I heard the woman voice).

By the way, in Russian "ё" is allowed write without the umlaut. However, this rule is not applied in this case, because there is none "ё" here.

April 2, 2019


I don't see any difference in meaning between "in this district all yards" (official translation) and "all the yards in this district" (marked wrong).

October 3, 2018


The Russian version of Duolingo is inconsistent in how it translates and accept answers in English. For example, raion is used as area part of the time and district in others. Located in Russian is simply translated at is in some instances and words like entrance and exit are translated as way in or way out. Seems like totally British English possibly.

May 6, 2018


What are yards in this sentece? As far as I've known my entire life, a yard is a unit of measurement and as such, cannot have a varying size. Can somebody explain this?

May 12, 2018


In American English the garden is called a yard and they use garden to mean a vegetable garden.

May 20, 2018


Isn't "district" область?

July 23, 2018


Definitely not. Область is territory, region etc.

January 5, 2019


How would you say "all big yards are in this district"?

August 1, 2018


" All yards in this area are big" is not accepted, the only difference to the duo answer is the use of the word "area" instead of "district" as far as I can see (I reported it)

April 13, 2019
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