"Вот Россия."

Translation:Here is Russia.

November 9, 2015

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вот спарта!


Это спарта!


Thanks! Those two are confusing considering how often they are interchanged in English. (Also, isn't that Slarta?)


Yeah. (And yes, those two letters look too similar :P)

For anyone reading this in the future, I originally typed сларта instead of спарта. I have since edited it.


I thought you were trying to do "This is Sparta!"


Hahaha. You are awesome for explaining just that.


"Russia is here" was marked as wrong. I am not sure if the difference with "Here is Russia" (correct) is all that important, but I thought I'd point it out.

edit: reading other threads in this discussion tells me there is a difference. Good to know.


It's just the style of translation. Some people think it's best to keep the word order as correct as possible.


Can you explain the difference?


Hi. Would have been nice to explain that difference..


What is the difference? I typed the same: "Russia is here"Is the statement more like Руссия Злесь


I have a general question. What is the difference between вот and здесь?


There is a sticky topic about that.

Long story short, in "Here is" (Here are) sentences, Вот is used. It is also used in "вот здесь" (over here).

Words здесь and там just mean "here" and "there" in their usual sense ("this place" and "that place").


So is Вот used with people and здесь for places (cities, etc...)?


Вот is used for showing something. Imgine pointing at something/someone or showing someone an object you hold in your hand.

Здесь and тут are just "here" in its spatial meaning ("this place"), similarly to how "now" means "this time".


Здравствуйте а почему диктор такой плохой???


Вот is used for directing attention, while здесь is used for location.


I have a question about the pronunciation of the word Россия. The tips at the beginning of this section mention that the letters "o" and "a" get reduced to a schwa when a syllable containing either of them is unstressed (if you don't know what a "schwa" is, that is simply the name for the sound to which these letters reduce in their articulation). But in the audio, it strongly seems like the "o" in the first syllable is being reduced despite the fact that it's also stressed. What's going on here? Are some stressed syllables still reduced, or is the audio wrong, or is there something else going on here? In some music I've heard (Танцуй Россия by Глюкоза comes to mind), it certainly seems like the stressed syllable is on "си", but in the audio here on Duolingo, it seems pretty distinctly to be on "Рос". Any insight would be appreciated.


The audio isn't infallible. That said, I think you're also mistaking inflection/intonation for stress. Her voice rises in pitch on Рос but that isn't where the stress is - in fact, you can tell this by the way it sounds like rass not ross.

The stress in Россия is definitely not on the о but the и. You'll hear it in lots of later sentences in the course, too.


i hear Рассия not Россия


That is correct. You should hear that.


The stress does sound like it's on си to me, not Рос.


What is the difference between saying "вот россия" and saying "это россия"


Вот Россия = Here's Russia Это Россия = This is Russia


Russia is here , here is Russia... How does it make a difference


I put "Russia is here", why did I get it wrong?


"russian anthem plays"


Could this not also be translated as "Russia is here"?


please refer to the sticky Shady_Arc has referred to. It should clear up this and more of the difference between это / здесь & там


I literally just said "here is Russia" What?


what are the rules on the pronunciation of "o"? not having the grammar rules written somewhere as i learn is breaking me

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