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  5. "У нас нет времени ждать."

"У нас нет времени ждать."

Translation:We do not have time to wait.

November 9, 2015



Could it not be "We do not have time for waiting" ?


That sounds rather odd to me in English, TBH.


Yeah, it's awkward English. That said, however... it's kind of a fun awkward, with a casual, colloquial feeling about it, in the spirit of "enough with the waiting already!"


Your choice would be "у нас нет времени для ожидания". You can say so, but it is a very rare choice to express this thought in Russian (for example you can find this one in verse). It is better to say "у нас нет времени ждать" or "у нас нет времени, чтобы ждать" (they are equal)


I put it like that, too. Maybe someone can explain why it should be in/correct?


what is the difference between время and времени? is время irregular?

[deactivated user]

    Exactly. Вре́мя is nominative, вре́мени is Genitive. You can see the declension here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%B2%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%BC%D1%8F

    There are 10 words that are declined like this: вре́мя 'time', и́мя 'name', пла́мя 'flame', бре́мя 'burden', се́мя 'seed', зна́мя 'banner', пле́мя 'tribe', те́мя 'top of the head', стре́мя 'stirrup', вы́мя 'udder'.


    "У нас нет" requires Genitive case.

    Nominative - Genitive дверь - двери кровать - кровати автобус - автобуса хлеб - хлеба

    We have no door - У нас нет двери We have no bed - У нас нет кровати We have no bus - У нас нет автобуса We have no bread - У нас нет хлеба


    What's wrong with "We haven't the time to wait"?


    So I'm a tad confused and I apologize if it's stupidity causing it. Later, in the lesson "Nothing", we learn "Нам некогда учиться"-"We don't have time to study" and I think I was told that one doesn't use "у нас" for that sort of situation. But here, it's what's correct? If someone and/or a native could help explain this to me I would be incredibly grateful.


    What do you guys think about у нас нет времини ждаем?


    Yes, after all our rat race cannot function without its precious subjects.


    What's wrong with my answer?

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