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  5. "What do you drink?"

"What do you drink?"

Translation:Que buvez-vous ?

January 7, 2013



What is the difference between "que" and "quoi"? I put "Quoi bois-tu?" and it was wrong.


Extract of the following link:

<<<To ask a question in which "what" comes after the verb, use quoi. Note that this is an informal construction: Tu veux quoi ? You want what?

C'est quoi, ça ? Ça c'est quoi ? What's that? (Literally, That's what?)>>>



Why can't I translate this with "vous buvez" or "buvez-vous?"


"Buvez-vous?" would just be "do you drink?"


I mean using "vous" instead of "tu." I wrote "Que buvez-vous?" and it marked it as incorrect.


Oh, yeah. That should work too. I put "Que buvez-vous?" and it was marked as correct.


Maybe I just spelled something wrong. Thanks!


I know it's inelegant, but can't you use "que tu bois"? In informal conversation, etc


No, that does not work. The inelegant version is "tu bois quoi ?".

[deactivated user]

    Why can't this be "Qu'est-que bois-tu?"


    Because you have mixed 2 interrogative forms:

    • formal: Que bois-tu ?
    • standard: Qu'est-ce que tu bois ? (qu'est-ce que is followed by a statement)
    • informal: Tu bois quoi ?


    just an aside on this. because 'tu bois quoi?' is an informal way of saying it, is it then unusual to hear/use 'vous buvez quoi?' since my understanding is that you use 'vous' in a more formal/less familiar situation, hence you would be using the standard or formal construction?


    Formality can have varying aspects: saying "tu" to your parents and friends is familiar because you know them well, but the way you address them can be grammatically formal or informal.

    • Tu bois quoi ? is both familiar and an informal question.
    • Qu'est-ce que tu bois ? is both familiar and a standard question.
    • Que bois-tu ? is both familiar and a formal question.

    The same applies to "vous", which can be singular or plural:

    • Vous buvez quoi ? is formal singular or plural, and an informal question
    • Qu'est-ce que vous buvez ? is formal singular or plural, and a standard question
    • Que buvez-vus ? is formal singular or plural, and a formal question.


    Why Que-ce que tu bois is not accepted?


    The phrase is "qu'est-ce que", literally: what is it that

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