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  5. "What do you drink?"

"What do you drink?"

Translation:Que buvez-vous ?

January 7, 2013



What is the difference between "que" and "quoi"? I put "Quoi bois-tu?" and it was wrong.


Extract of the following link:

<<<To ask a question in which "what" comes after the verb, use quoi. Note that this is an informal construction: Tu veux quoi ? You want what?

C'est quoi, ça ? Ça c'est quoi ? What's that? (Literally, That's what?)>>>



Why can't I translate this with "vous buvez" or "buvez-vous?"


"Buvez-vous?" would just be "do you drink?"


I mean using "vous" instead of "tu." I wrote "Que buvez-vous?" and it marked it as incorrect.


Oh, yeah. That should work too. I put "Que buvez-vous?" and it was marked as correct.


Maybe I just spelled something wrong. Thanks!


I know it's inelegant, but can't you use "que tu bois"? In informal conversation, etc


No, that does not work. The inelegant version is "tu bois quoi ?".


Why can't this be "Qu'est-que bois-tu?"


Because you have mixed 2 interrogative forms:

  • formal: Que bois-tu ?
  • standard: Qu'est-ce que tu bois ? (qu'est-ce que is followed by a statement)
  • informal: Tu bois quoi ?


just an aside on this. because 'tu bois quoi?' is an informal way of saying it, is it then unusual to hear/use 'vous buvez quoi?' since my understanding is that you use 'vous' in a more formal/less familiar situation, hence you would be using the standard or formal construction?


Formality can have varying aspects: saying "tu" to your parents and friends is familiar because you know them well, but the way you address them can be grammatically formal or informal.

  • Tu bois quoi ? is both familiar and an informal question.
  • Qu'est-ce que tu bois ? is both familiar and a standard question.
  • Que bois-tu ? is both familiar and a formal question.

The same applies to "vous", which can be singular or plural:

  • Vous buvez quoi ? is formal singular or plural, and an informal question
  • Qu'est-ce que vous buvez ? is formal singular or plural, and a standard question
  • Que buvez-vus ? is formal singular or plural, and a formal question.


Why Que-ce que tu bois is not accepted?


The phrase is "qu'est-ce que", literally: what is it that

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