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pollo: hen v/s chicken

I had a sentence which had pollo written in it. When I translated pollo to hen, I got wrong. They say the correct word is chicken. Are they not really the same or is there some other word for hen in spanish?

November 22, 2013



As CattleRustler said ...

Pollo = chicken

Gallina = hen

Gallo = cockerel/rooster


polla is what? female chicken? Basically: pollo= gallo polla=gallina, right?


Nope. Pullo is chicken in general YUM


"Polla" is a non-formal way to refer to the penis in many places. It's best not to use it for chicken :) .


la gallina = the hen (female bird) Pollo would be chicken male and female I guess, but Pollo is always chicken (the species) Kinda like when you say Deer (males and/or females)


That is like calling a horse a mare, or stallion, without a good reason to do so. All hens are chickens, but all chickens are not hens. ;)


A mare, gelding or stallion are all called horse. Hen is female chicken Rooster is male chicken & chicken is good to eat.


Thank you for the help. :)


damn we're good lol :)


Pullo means chicken. After they are killed,defeathered and cleaned, anyone except the ones that cleaned the chicken wouldn't know if it was a hen or rooster so that is why they call it a chicken. There is one chicken meal I like and that is called "Pullo feliez" or happy chicken or even it could be called pullo loco meaning crazy chicken. YUM!

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