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  5. "This is our book."

"This is our book."

Translation:Это наша книга.

November 9, 2015



Why not "эта"?


"This is" /"These are" at the beginning of the sentence are always «это». The gender and the number of what follows do not matter.


Наша? Help please?! Why?


Because книга is a feminine noun and needs the female possessive наша.


Really why " наша "


мой, твой, свой, наш, and ваш pick the ending to match the noun they are attached to:

  • наш актёр
  • наше молоко
  • наша мама
  • наши актёры

Книга is a feminine noun (it ends in an ), so наша is the appropriate form.


Can someone please explain why книга is not used in the genetive


Книга is pretty much the subject here (or a complement). If "This is a book" uses книга, so does "This is our book".


So is it genetive only after 'у' or negative sense? I'm new to cases how would k it change in genetive case sentence please


Prepositions have their own requirements, i.e. the same preposition will always use the same case (in the same meaning):

  • у книги, около книги, из-за книги
  • в книге = in the book, на книге = on the book
  • в книгу = into the book, на книгу = onto the book
  • под книгой = under the book

Cases depend on the role in the sentence, and on the structure:

  • Книга сгорела. = The book burnt. (subject)
  • У меня есть книга = I have a book (subject—at least, in Russian)
  • Я хочу книгу. = I want a book. (direct object)
  • Она ударила кошку книгой. = She slapped the cat with a book. ("cat" is a direct object, "book" is means of action)

Some structures trigger the Genitive. Genitive pf "possession" is VERY similar to "of" English. It uses the same word order and expresses a variety of meanings (not only the literal ownership):

  • обложка книги = the cover of a book
  • середина книги = the middle of the book
  • качество книги = the quality of the book

The Genitive is also used for quantities (e.g., "a box of books", "three kilograms of rice") and negation of existence (in "нет книги").

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