"Why does he write?"

Translation:Pourquoi écrit-il ?

January 7, 2013



I think it should allow "Pourquoi il écrit?" Can any explain why this was marked wrong?

January 27, 2013


From what I understand, because "pourquoi" is an interrogative adverb, french grammar states you have to use either "est-ce que" or verb inversion when asking a direct question.

So to ask "Why does he write?", you'll either say "Pourquoi est-ce qu'il écrit?" or "Pourquoi écrit-il?"

The "pourquoi il écrit" word order would only be appropriate within indirect questions like "I don't know why he writes" ["Je ne sais pas pourquoi il écrit"].

In addition to "pourquoi", other interrogative adverbs that follow the same question sentence structure include: "combien (de)" [how many/much], "comment" [how, what], "où" [where], and "quand" [when].

August 26, 2014


I agree, I think "pourquoi il écrit?" is correct!!!

September 1, 2013


I would also like an answer to this.

February 11, 2014


Why can't we use pourqoui-t-il ecrit?

September 23, 2015
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