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Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language

Every year on the 9th of November the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language (День української писемності та мови) is celebrated in Ukraine. According to the Orthodox calendar it's the day of the commemoration of Nestor the Chronicler.

Traditionally on this day starts International Petro Yatsyk Contest of the Ukrainian Language Mastership. Since 2000 The National Radio Company of Ukraine traditionally helds radio dictation of national unity on this day. Every year everyone can take part in writing this dictation and not only determine their knowledge of Ukrainian language, but also show the unity with all the people who love and honor Ukranian. This year's dictation was dedicated to its 15th anniversary.

Here are the 10 fun facts about Ukranian (in Ukrainian, of course!):

November 9, 2015



Дуже дякую за інформацію! Якщо я маю час, я буду слухати. Я вчу литературу кожний день, я думаю, що я буду подобатися.

А тому що українського курсу, я розумів багато цього.

Don't ask me to get all of it right. I'm still a beginner here.


But you wouldn't mind a couple of my remarks, right?

  • use Future in both parts of a conditional sentence: Якщо я матиму час, я слухатиму
  • я буду подобатися - I will be liked, мені сподобається - I will like
  • because of - завдяки + dative: завдяки українському курсу
  • розумів - used to understand, зрозумів - understood

And good luck :)


Звичайно ви можете мене допомогти!

And in case that didn't come out correctly, I absolutely love the help.

Thankі for explaining the future conditional rule and the "тому що" rule. It would be awesome if - down the road - the course creators on here would add that to the tree. It's different from what I've been learning, but it is also pretty straightforward.

Я ніколи слухав в радіо вчора, а якщо я матиму час, я слухатиму сьогодні. :-)

I hope they still have it.


If you want to use "because of" in a more negative way, use "через" (через тебе - because of you) as "завдяки" literally means "thanks to"


The text of dictation is here: http://nrcu.gov.ua/Dyktant


Can we hear this year's radio dictation online somewhere?


I think later today or in couple of days they will post the text itself too


Very interesting! :)


Thank you for reminding me about site Мова - ДНК нації



That's very cool :)

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