Translation:a menu

November 9, 2015

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The sound is quite bad here. I thought she said something like "Leniu"...


I hear "меню" without any glitches.


A somewhat off-topic question, but in Russia and Russian, how are loan-words like this looked on?

That is, do people try to use them a lot, to sound chic (as young people in France do) or do they try to avoid them at all cost (as people do in Irish. This stems from a view that English, and the English, is something to be detested and avoided).


Words like "меню" were loaned long ago and are no longer considered foreign. I can't think of a "more Russian" word for menu.

Russian has loaned words from different languages and sort of "internalized" them, so they got adapted to Russian pronunciation, got their cases, suffixes and stuff. As for newly loaned words, opinions differ: some people tend to use them a lot, some are opposed to them.


Can't relisten, but maybe I just got bad russian ears!


I know it is menu, but I did not know how to spell it in Russian


I honestly thought she said boy in Spanish - Niño


That's what I thought. I started typing it reflexively.


Actually there's no problem with the sound. I hear it 100 correct.


I heard "Vee-nee-ong". The automated voice talks too fast...


И я слушаю《Minion》That's what I hear (・∀・)y


Guys!!!! No need to fret; it's a text to speech translator! It's bound to get something wrong. Хлеб once sounded like "flip" when it's really pronounced like xhlyeb.


Hey, I have a question, how can I put accents on my Russian keyboard?, because I have the Russian keyboard but I can't put accents on any letter... :P


If you haven't had an answer yet, typically a long press on the letter will give you accent options. Of course some like и and й are two different keys. But е and ё on the google keyboard and hacker keyboard Русский layout both come from a long press


I wrote меня and it's correct lol


I agree with Lucas. Very poor pronunciation of the word.


I heard something like "minjo"


Difficult to remember меню vs миню


I don't understand why it just introduced this word as меню́ on the previous page, but when i typed it in on this question, it said i have a typo in my answer, and it should actually be меню, without the accent. If it is going to use these accented letters, it should at least be consistent about it. I have noticed this same thing in many other lessons, too, where it doesnt recognize the accented letters, or counts them wrong even though it isn't. Is there a reasonable explanation for this that I am just unaware of, or is the program contradicting itself due to flawed design?


Written accents are only there for the purpose of helping learners better retain words and their pronunciations, but are not supposed to be used in proper text; this is why you should not use them when typing your answers.


the sound quality is very bad. I thought maybe I had a bad hearing or something is wrong with my ears.


I have a question: in the Tips and Notes on gender, a chart is given to help determine each word’s gender, but it does not address the ending -ю. Is there any rule for it? For instance, are all words ending in ю neutral?

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