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  5. "Skolen har tusind elever."

"Skolen har tusind elever."

Translation:The school has a thousand pupils.

November 9, 2015



we have learned et tusind in previous lessons. why is there no article here?


Because et in et tusind is a part of the number and not an article, so it means one and not a. It works like this:

a thousand = tusind

one thousand = et tusind

That's not to say that et is never an article, just to make it perfectly clear, but in this context it's a number.


And what if you would have to translate 'The school has thousand pupils.' into Danish? Then 'thousand' would be 'tusind' wouldn't it? There are not really any other options.


That's right, there is no distinction between thousand and a thousand in Danish; they both translate to tusind.


tusind studerende


that's a small school


This sentence sounds really bad in English to a point where I am not sure if it's even correct ''The school has a thousand pupils.'' ? Also nobody uses pupils in every day language anymore. Why not switch to students?


For a german "students" only at an university or equivilalent for academic education, for primary schools, secondary schools, high schools and so, they have pupils.

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