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  5. "Give me a spoon!"

"Give me a spoon!"

Translation:Дайте ложку!

November 9, 2015



If I say that to a friend, I'd use дай мне ложку? What about using дай without мне?


You can say both "Дай мне ложку" and "дай ложку".


The hint marked дай (!) for some reason...


Maybe to warn you that it's informal?


If you say дай мне ложку it will sound impolite unless you are very familiar with the person. You should say дай мне ложку пожалуйста.


I believe the audio incorrectly puts the stress on the last syllable of ложка/у in all exercises.


лОжку, the stress is on the О


Why is "пожалуйста" not allowed this time? Is the command more urgent or exclamatory without the "please"?


Because there's no "please" in the English sentence you're translating.


If you're going to be that abrupt surely «Дай ложку» would be more likely? If second person plural is used as a courtesy, or even because you're outnumbered, then «Пожалуйста, дайте мне ложку. » would be the more appropriate formula.


The word "Даите" makes me think of the Irish name "Dáithí"...


Дай, it's informal


Does мне ложку not work? I thought you could drop the дайте.


No, you can't drop дайте. You can drop мне.


Earier i this it shows give me as mhe


Мне is the dativ (and also locative, btw) form of the personal pronoun я. The similar in English is the conjugation of I into me when the pronoun plays the role of the indirect object in the sentence (i.e. to whom is something happening/who is receiving the action in the sentence?)

Дай мне ваду! Give me water!

Since you could say "to me" in English (rather than only "me"), мне is sometimes translated that way. There is no notion of the verb "give" in мне, it could be any other action such as e.g. "show me", "teach me", ...

Subject (nominative) actions (verb) object (accusative) to indirect object (dative).

He gives water to me (or he gives me a present), He = [acting] subject (nominative) gives = action (verb) water = [direct] object (accusative) me = indirect object (dative)

Он даёт ваду мне (to keep the word order the same...you would normally turn it around like in English.)


You have a little typo twice, comrade. Give me water in Russian will be дай мне вОду.

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