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"В поезде нельзя играть на скрипке"

Translation:It's not allowed to play violin in the train

November 9, 2015



this is very strange phrasing in English


I agree. I wrote "On the train, it is forbidden to play the violin" and it was counted wrong!


This made me giggle!


Me too. I guess bagpipes are OK?


Maybe it depends if you're travelling плацкартный or купе!*

  • either of which it's entirely possible I've misspelled, by the way... 8-o


This sentence does not sound right in English. It should be "you are not allowed to play the violin on the train".


After I was corrected and told that "It is impossible" should be "It is prohibited", I wrote "On the train it is prohibited to play the violin", but it corrects me and says "It's not allowed to play violin in the train" This is one of those times I want to chuck the computer out the window for sheer frustration.


Serious problem in Russia.


You can also say, "You should never play the violin on the train" You is considered to be impersonal, meaning that it can be used to represent any person or group of people.


I wrote "Playing the violin is not allowed on the train" and giggled until my answer was rejected.


At least in the U.S. we'd more likely say "on the train" rather than "in the train." It's slightly idiomatic, I guess. A non-American might think someone is sitting on top of a train car and fiddling--until the train is headed for a low tunnel.


this translation sounds ridiculous. No one that I know would ever say that. Maybe something like: Playing the violin is not allowed on the train.


Again, maybe for all you subjects of Her Majesty, this might be normal, but for this yank that sentence sounds really strange.

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