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"This couch costs more than I thought."

Translation:Этот диван стоит дороже, чем я думал.

November 9, 2015



Hello! What about this option: "Этот диван стоит больше, чем я думал"


Actually "Стоит дороже" is widely used but it's not quite correct. It literally means that the price is expensive which means that the price itself also has a price. A better variant is to say "Сто́ит много", "Сто́ит больше". These ways of saying are also widely used.


They are both correct. You can also say Этот диван дороже (This settee is more expensive).


Sounds absolutely right to me, though your variant would be considered more colloquial.


interesting comment especially when the second phrase in this set of exercises accepted both сильней and сильнее and one comment mentioned that сильней was more colloquial and that was their main choice. I placed "это диван стоят больше чем я думал" So, I am trying to work out if I was incorrect because I used это instead of a specific этот, or if I was incorrect because I did not place the "," between больше and чем or whether it was that the "colloquial" (your word) expression is not accepted, OR!!! as is probably more the case, I have completely got my thought patterns incorrect.


First, it is этот диван. The modifier should match the gender/number of what you attach it to. Second, диван is singular, so you use стоит, just like in English (where a settee "costs" but settees "cost")


ahh Thanks Shady ))) Much appreciated. I missed the settee being singular. )) And I am still unsure on when to use этот (this specific) as to это (this generally) but it will come ))) I am just a "very very" slow learner )))


Hm... well, since you are an English speaker you can try replacing "this" with "my" or "their". Whenever you feel the urge to use "mine" or "theirs" you probably need an independent это.

Another clue is, sometimes you can use "it" instead of "this" or "that". When this happens, its the neuter это.


H-m-m, all variants are correct: 1. Этот диван много дороже, чем я думал. 2. Этот диван стоит дороже, чем я думал. 3. Этот диван много дороже, чем я думала. Because in that case word «дороже» replaces 2 words: «стоит дороже».

If someone say to me: «Этот диван мне дороже, чем я думал», i translate like «This sofa is dearer to me than I thought».


♪ Скажи мне мама, сколько стоит мой диван? ♪


So we could identify comparative component at the adjectives (-er/more) only by using -е at the end?

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