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"Город, в котором я раньше жил, был гораздо лучше этого."

Translation:The town where I used to live was much better than this one.

November 9, 2015



How to alienate your neighbours when you move to a new town ;D


Небо было выше, трава зеленее, да и орки - не чета нынешним
The sky was higher, grass was greener, and the orcs, past and present - there is no comparison.


Can I use "где" instead of "в котором"?


Yes, you can, but as for me "в котором" sounds better


Would the insertion of чем be incorrect in this case? Город, в котором я раньше жил, был гораздо лучше чем этого


Чем is used with nominative case, it would need to be это not этого.


Гораздо лучше, чем этот.


Sorry, masculine gender so of course этот.


Which case is котором?


It's definitely masculine prepositional. Remember, the base word который is formed with adjectival endings, not noun endings.

Masculine singular:
Nominative который
Acc. Inan. который
Acc. Anim. которого
Genitive которого
Dative: которому
Instrumental: которым
Prepositional: котором


"The town that I used to live in was much better than this" is rejected without any explanation... Is something wrong with it?


IN this dictation exercise, I was doing just fine - not as fast as the speaker, but getting the words - when I was marked wrong for not completing the sentence fast enough.

Seems like there's a time-limit on dictation, and it seems as if it's not set to account for longer sentences. That should be corrected. If there's one set time for every dictation exercise, the programming should be adjusted, either to allow for more time on every exercise, or to vary the allowed time according to the length of the sentences.

Simply mimicking what I think I hear usually produces a certain amount of Russian gibberish. I don't know what I'm saying, I'm just making noises. There's no connection between my mouth and my brain, at least not in a language-oriented way. It's just meaningless noise.


you make many good points Jeff. keep em coming )))))) (along with your many helpful answers) --- (that's a compliment)


When I translate лучже it simply says better, where does the "much" come from??


Why is "The city, which I used to live in, was much better than this one" incorrect?


Could you use в том in place of в котором?


Not really. You can say: "Я жил в том городе" (I lived in that city)

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