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Anyone else not getting speaking exercises?

I've checked my microphone setting it's enabled, I also get it for other languages but not Russian.

Has it not been enabled yet?

November 9, 2015



I'm also not getting speaking exercises


No, me neither. I think it's not ready yet. My settings are all on. I hope to be able to sound ridiculous trying to pronounce sentences like 'где моя ложадь?'. Can't wait!


Лошадь, not ложадь.


Thanks! I have to practice more :)


Well you can always practise saying them in preparation ;) even if Duolingo won't yet mark you on them!


I believe you'll find speaking exercises (and listening exercises) are available in the core languages and being beta'd (I believe) in one or two of the incubator generated ones.


Ah ok, the only incubator course I've tried was Turkish which did that is so I assumed it was just part of the TTS integration.


I think Turkish might be the first incubated course that got them, though I'm not sure about that. As far as I remember, at the start even Turkish only had them if you were using Chrome.

My Turkish learning kind of stalled out when Ukrainian and Esperanto came along, so till someone corrected me recently I didn't even remember it had them (since I wasn't using the right browser when it started). I don't know if/when any other courses are due to get them.


I just got a speaking exercise in Russian, in the Short & Long skill. I turned them off when it asked, so I don't know if there were any more after.


I have got speaking exercises since the launching of the course, but my girlfriend doesn't. Could it be wild like that?


I didn't get speaking exercises when using firefox, but now on google chrome and it is working.

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