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  5. "Where is this radio?"

"Where is this radio?"

Translation:Где это радио?

November 9, 2015



Can someone explain why is it "это радио" and not "этот радио" ? Does it change because "радио" is neuter or something like that? Thank you very much in advance.


Радио is neuter and indeclinable (having no inflections). Sentences starting with

<pre>this house - этот дом m. this door - эта дверь f. this bucket - это ведро n. these books - эти книги. p. </pre>

are declined to reflect gender or plurality.

But when you say it is a house, or door or bucket or books, then you use это. So, "What is this?" Что это? and the answer always starts with Это . . .


I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that "It is a house" is translated with "это дом"? And that "It is this house" with "этот дом"?


Actually, "it is this house" - "это этот дом" :) But it's rarely used I suppose because "это этот" sounds not very good :)


XD Haha, I guess not. Thanks for clearing that up, though. :)


This just helped me so much thank you. C-=


I'm still not sure why it isn't "where is [the] radio" when it's это, and "where is [this] radio" when it's этот.

Это яблоко means "[this is an] Apple" And этот человек means "[this] person" Therein demonstrating my confusion why этот is incorrect to represent "[this] thing" as it isn't "where's [this is] radio"


Can someone explain why is "где радио?" incorrect? I think I saw this kind of question written without the это.


"This" is a demonstrative pronoun, not an article, so it has to be translated to Russian. Since радио is neuter, you use "это" here.


If you were saying "where is a radio", you would use "где радио?".


isn't радио pronounced rah-dee-oh and not rah-dee-ah?? all the russians that i know pronounce it this way and all online sources that i know of all don't unstress the o at the end.


Why can't I say 'где радио'?


someone correct me if im wrong, but i guess its because we are looking for a SPECIFIC radio (радио), and with this sentence that you proposed, "где радио", for wich the literal translation is "where is THE radio", we are looking for any radio we can find. sorry about any mistakes with the grammar or anything, i'm not a native english speaker


What is the difference between радио and радю?


Ю is pronounced like the english "you" e.g. юкос


It didn't accept the word order "Это радио где?" Is this an oversight or is there some reason why this word order is wrong or unnatural?


not a pro, but directly translating "Это радио где?" would spell out "This radio where is?" if im doing so correctly. the sentence structure doesn't make much sense but it does technically convey the question in a broken manner. it is correct to ask "Где это радио?" instead, since it properly translates into "Where is this radio?"

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