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"There are no houses on this side of the river."

Translation:На этой стороне реки нет домов.

November 9, 2015



I replied with "нет домов на этой стороне реки", which I feel like is correct, depending on what you are trying to emphasize here. thoughts?


Without any context, it is better to use neutral word order. "There is/are (no)" construction doesn't have a specific counterpart in Russian, but as a rule, the object has to be put to the ending of the sentence. So "нет домов" is put at the ending of the sentence and can be considered neutral word order.


But my response is not breaking any rules of grammar, nor is it significantly changing the meaning. I understand it isn't the most natural word order, but Russian is SO flexible...


Your sentence just sounds quite unnatural. You can mess up with word order if you're a pro, but it's not the best way to start. :) You can also look at this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11564662 It explains the peculiarities of Russian word order rather well.


по эту сторону реки = на этой стороне реки


I presume we are discussing the west side of the Nile river in ancient Egypt?


Yeah, yeah. "Denial" aint no river in Egypt...


рекИ, and not рЕки

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