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  5. "Ducks are birds."

"Ducks are birds."

Translation:Утки — это птицы.

November 9, 2015



It accepts "утки птицы" yet I wonder if this would be normal to say without a hypen?


Well you can't 'say' a hyphen. I assume this is what it would sound like in normal speech.


why is it not эти, since утки is plural?


What's really interesting is how the dash comes before это. It doesn't make sense.


Can someone help me understand the "letter" ы? What isbtue difference between птици and птицы?


When "и" or "ы" follows "ц" there's no audible difference. However in most other cases "и" makes the previous consonant palatalised, while "ы" does not. Also, why did you put the word "letter" in quotes? It is a letter, even if it looks unusual.


Thanks for the clarification. I just was not sure if the characters are called letters or something else.


I was under the impression that ы was called a "soft symbol" rather than an actual letter. Like you said, although it does make a sound akin to и, it mostly softens the previous consonant. Is this incorrect?


ь is the soft symbol, ы is a (hard) vowel with a sound similar to i.


Generally и sounds like "ee" and ы is sort of a mixture between "uh" and "i".


From what I've seen, ы is like и but as if you were talking with an ice cube between your teeth.


Why not Утка - питцы?


Try: утки - птицы don't forget to make it plural :D


yes and also птицы instead of питцы but maybe that was just a spelling mistake :P


Does тц exist? It seems like the т is redundant phonetically but I believe I have seen it. Though maybe I'm thinking of tz in German.


It accepted утки - птицы. That is without the это. How does that change the actual meaning or emphasis?


Usually it means "this" so I dont understand why it would be here?


for some words, if i want to make them plural, do i usually replace or add a "ы" or some other letter at the end of the word? sort of how english uses "s" for our plurals?


So does duo not like em dashes cause this is what I wrote: Утки — это птциы And this is what the answer is Утки — это птицы. I copied and pasted both and I got it wrong and as far as I can see I have it letter for letter - I have windows and did alt + 0151 to do em dash, anyone know whats up?


So, you've wrote птциы and Duo rightfully corrected it to птицы. That's what happened.

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