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"Ik heb het vijf minuten geleden geschreven."

Translation:I wrote it five minutes ago.

November 9, 2015



I had "I have written it five minutes ago" and am told it should be "I wrote it five minutes ago." Is there a difference?


I'm not sure, but maybe Duo wants you to use the correct tense in English. Because of 'five minutes ago', the English sentence should be in the simple past. The Dutchone can translate to either the simple past or the present perfect.


"have written" and "wrote" =same thing duo...


Not really, not in English at least.

Present perfect=unspecified time in the past Simple Past=specific time in the past


Yes. Dutch works kind of the same like German. They like to use have + verb instead of simple past, whereas in English this wouldn't work.


I don't understand this exercise (yet), but this discussion brings the most (almost) light... Why is "I have written it five minutes ago" not correct? <I understand that in reverse "I wrote it five minutes ago." would become (simple past) "Ik schreef het vijf minuten geleden".>


See AiramEdlazap's contribution.

English grammar dictates that if there is a time expression in the past the simple past should be used. In this case five minutes ago.

Dutch grammar does not dictate this, hence one can use schreef and heb geschreven here in Dutch, while in English only wrote is correct.


AiramEdlazap=Mental Pinball


Why can't I say 'I have wrote it five minutes ago,' when it says 'ik heb?"


English grammar rules, have a look at the previous comments.


I have written it five minutes ago - This seems to be an even more direct translation. Why is it wrong.


I wrote it five minutes ago = ik schreef het vijf minuten geleden.. de vertaling is dus in principe niet juist.

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