"Збори були довгі."

Translation:The staff meeting was long.

November 9, 2015

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We also use the word 'загальні збори' for an organization's AGM (Annual General Meeting) where the members vote in a new executive.


Is there any way to distinguish between a meeting and meetings?

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    «Збори» is a 'pluralia tantum' noun, it's always used in plural in this meaning. Just like 'trousers' can mean one pair of trousers or several of them, so «збори» can mean one meeting or several of them. If you need to distinguist them, you could add a numeral, for example.


    Thank you. In that case an error report needs to be submitted, since the sentence "збори були довгі" can be parsed in two distinct ways, and therefore can be translated into English in at least two ways as well: "зобри [одні] були довгі" (a/the staff meeting was long) and "збори [дві або більше] були довгі" ([the] staff meetings were long).


    In Russian, the word cборы is usually associated with rousting (in the military), or one of several meanings in a military context (think Были сборы недолги от Кубани до Волги...). Can it have the same meaning in Ukrainian?


    Yes, we have Військові збори (~mobilization)

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      It can be used in this meaning, but збори also corresponds to the Russian собрание.


      was: був, була, було were: були ????

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