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  5. "Are you Ivan Ivanovich?"

"Are you Ivan Ivanovich?"

Translation:Вы Иван Иванович?

November 9, 2015



Ti is also acceptable answer, marked wrong here.


Иван Иванович is a full name, so you have to use formal "you" too. On the other hand, Ваня is an informal name of Иван, so the question "Ты Ваня?" is correct and the question "Вы Ваня?" is wrong.


so it's wrong to put 'Tbl Ivan Ivanovic'? Every time?


I'm not a native speaker, but I think ты would be correct speaking with a child, or for two schoolboys talking to each-other. That's not an unusual context.


well, not exactly always. with another context, if you are asking your friend or any other close person, is his отчество (second name) Ivanovich, you should say "Ты - Иван Иванович?".


Because in french and spanish for exemple we use the you but plural to mark respect. And it s the same in russian. You will use this one to show respect to someone you don t know. In english they are the same that s the problem.


"Вы Ваня?" is wrong.??? Кто такое сказал? Это нормальное и культурное обращение к подростку, который уже не мальчик, но еще и не мужчина!!! ))) "Вы, Ваня?" - это культурно, вежливо и достойно! Уважая других, не зависимо от их возраста, уважаешь и себя. Это в традициях русской культуры и языка!


Not to mention that if you are asking someone if their name is [insert name], chances are you don't know them and thus should address them formally.

When it comes to respect more is better than less.


I'm pretty sure there is million of situations when you can ask someone their name and surname without having to address them formally - either someone your age, younger, or in an informal situation. Thus singular you should also be accepted.


In Russian language it's acceptable to you both 'Ты' and 'Вы' in this case. And the same for 'Вы Ваня?' - it's correct sentence. It's not so widely used, but nothing prevents you to use it.


Disagreed. There may be a few occasions where you could use it this way, but it's wrong to teach this to foreigners without some veeery specific context. I would definitely consider "Ты Иван Иванович?" and "Вы Ваня?" a mistake (not a major one though) if it was used in speech.


I am not Russian, but I do speak German and Serbian, which both use formalised versions of "you". In these languages it is very common to use a full name with a formal "you" and absolutely not wrong. Are you sure you are right?


Yes, I'm sure I'm right. You misunderstood my reply, reread it. I was pointing out that the combinations formal "you" + informal name or informal "you" + formal name are wrong, not the other way round.


I reread what you wrote, but I think you need to reread what I wrote :D I've said that "Bist du Ivan Ivanovitsch" and "Da li si ti Ivan Ivanovic" are perfectly correct (informal you+ formal name)


"So, in your first reply you said that using formal "you" with a full name is common and not wrong in German and Serbian" Oh, sorry I meant INFORMAL YOU :D well, ok


Вы and ты are both correct. They both mean "you". The situation is not discribed, so both are possible. Please fix this :) or add in which situation the conversation would be used in. Thanks in advance.


I cannot type in Russian


This is for learning language, nor to make asumptions about context. Ты should be as ok as вы.


Well, without assuming a very specific context, вы should be used in this sentence. The point of this sentence is to learn when to use which pronoun.


why " вас зовут иван иванович ? " is wrong ??????


I believe that means "Is your name Ivan Ivanovich" while the sentence is "ARE YOU Ivan Ivanovich".


What's the difference between ты and вы?


Ты is singular (informal). Вы is plural (formal).

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Shouldn't the first be used here? They're speaking about one person (ivan) so why do they use the plural form?


The plural form is also used as a formal singular, so "Vy" is like "Usted" (and "Ustedes", both) in Spanish. If this is a situation where two adults are meeting for the first time, it would sound disrespectful to use "ty."

However, as you can see above, there's a debate here on whether only "Vy" can be used in this translation, since there is not enough context to establish that this is two adults meeting for the first time. There are tons of situations in which a person would use the singular, informal "ty" and still be learning/checking their interlocutor's full name (e.g., a teacher to a pupil, looking at the class list on the first day, or two young students meeting each other, or acquaintances who have been in the same social circle long enough to talk to each other in 'ty' but never had to know each other's full name with patronymic until it came time for the speaker to purchase train/concert/movie tickets for everyone on her debit card, etc.)


So, ты is T: tu and вы is V: vous? I.e. the T/V distinction?

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Please tell me when to use вы or ты and why


"Вы" Is formal. Use it with virtually everyone who is an adult that you are not very close to. "Ты" is used only with people you are very close to and when adults are speaking to children.


And, "вы" is used when speaking to more than one person.


why is Вас иван иванович wrong? Isn't вас the polite you?


So ты is you when speaking to someone else and вы is you but when talking to two or more people, right?


Every time I say "Ivan Ivanovich" into my phone, it types "умер"after it. A second or two later it deletes the"умер." Weird and a little creepy. Anyone else have the same problem?


I thought ты was male and вы was demale :( this has confused me more


This duolingo is becoming a joke


I'm reading the arguments here that the informal ты is incorrect; however, using a patronymic rather than a surname is familiar, where ты is perfectly acceptable.


Accidentally tapped continue


Cant type in russian on my phone so this one is impossible


So far as I can tell, they give you no context on whether ты or вы is correct, so stop correcting me after the fact. Its not going to help.


"you" in Russian we can translate "Вы" или "Ты".... why not? I am Russian

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