"I do not like this chair."

Translation:Мне не нравится этот стул.

November 9, 2015

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I still haven't understood the difference between это and этот


"Это" is the word that defines what an object is, "этот" / "эта" / "эти" are words that point to an object. For example (dialog):

-- Это велосипеды, выбирай себе любой, какой тебе нравится.

-- Я хочу этот велосипед.


Why is this word order wrong: этот стул мне не нравится?


Your chocie is absolutely correct. Please click the "report" button next time.


While that would be the way to say it if you were speaking English however Russian sentences are said in a way thats sorta like yoda. "I like not this chair, use the force you must, to have a chair better than this". Thats just how I picture it at least.


What is the difference between люблю and нравится?


I second this question. I was under the understanding that люблю was love and нравится was like


Shouldn't the chair be in accusative if I use "люблю?"


Мне нравится этот стул. (нравится кто?/что?) Я люблю этот стул. (люблю кого?/что?)


yes it's in accusative form (inanimate masculine noun uses nominative https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ru/Accusative-Case%3A-the-direct-object/tips-and-notes).


why is it мне and not я?


Why мне нравится and not я люблю?


Great question, in fact! Interesting question. Have a lingot.
The difference exists, but I can hardly explain the rule correct. But I try. I admit that it might be not a generalized rule, but it seems being such one. Я не люблю means that in some reason, I don't like this chair for some time. I.e. I dealt with this chair previously and after several deals I made a conclusion: Я люблю или Я не люблю.
Мне (не) нравится can have the same meaning as я (не) люблю.
Мне (не) нравится can mean that I see this chair for the first time and have a (not) good impression of it. I suppose this rule I can use with any objects in Russian, but I doubt a little bit anyway because Russian has a huge quantity different cases of usage. Maybe I just forgot about something, but it seems I don't make a mistake.

Answering your question, your both options fit.


Is "мне этот стул не нравится" a normal word order?


why mne and not Ya


Мне не нравится этот стуи но, я всегда вспоминаю тебя когда читаю эту книгу. I don't like this chair but I always remember you when i read this book.


So why no declension of стул?


Почему не может быть "кресло "?


I thought a negative sentence required a genitive object


why is it нравится instead of нра́влюсь? is it because of the dative case?


J'ai eu le tiercé dans le désordre ! J'avais mis мне à la fin et c'est raté...

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