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Tracking student progress

I'm looking for a better way to track student progress. How do you do it? Do you keep track of XP? Or days active or skill level?

I used to write down each student's number of skills accomplished every week and give them points based on growth. I feel like some of my students are being punished, because it is taking away skills they have already earned. It does not affect all students. Finn was up to 42 skills accomplished and now, a couple of weeks later, the report reads a mere 25.

Looking for a more reliable way to track progress....

November 9, 2015



I appreciate msafrowl's input very much, and will be sure to start using that tip.
For Frauseybold, I would just like to share what I have been doing in case it is useful to you. I let the students go as far as they like, but ask them to log in and earn points on at least 2 separate days each week. If they earn points, it shows up in the "activity details" report; if not, it won't. I give them a simple completion grade unrelated to skills. It is a way of differentiating that the students appreciate. When it comes to grades that show mastery (not time spent practicing), I am relying on in-class quizzes instead.

[deactivated user]

    Skills should not be removed from student's total progress unless they are deleting their progress themselves, as far as I know. It could be that:

    You are seeing the number of lessons or points completed/earned during that week. That may change depending on how much as student practices/doesn't practice. Could that be it?


    Students who keep ALL of their circles GOLDEN by doing strength tests before moving on to new skills retain the information MUCH BETTER than those who just keep charging forward and skip the essential review process.

    Sooner or later, a beginner or intermediate learner will "hit a glass ceiling" in their progression and be unable to move down the tree because the skills they supposedly mastered were not cemented in their long term memory and quick recall zones.

    As a teacher/parent and user of this program, I have used various strategies to keep track of how to best use Duolingo. Although tracking the weekly, monthly and all - time XP leaders is fine, knowing your word count and your fluency % level is good and encouraging a 10+ Day Streak is also great, I have found the following to be the winning formula:

    1) Count the # of golden circles vs. the # of circles that need to be strengthened. 2) Strengthen ALL non - golden circles using the Timed Practice activity. (Using the No Timer feature is fine too but the timer really motivates reluctant/easily bored learners as the drills are quite rigorous and success is achieved at a much faster pace. Motivated learners are amazed at how fast they "think" and respond in their new language!!) 3) Work on new circles/skills. 4) Repeat daily if possible....if not: at least twice a week.

    How many golden circles do you have NOW?

    That is the essential question you should be asking yourself/students. I have seen many Duolingo users become seriously self-motivated and successful in learning their new language because of this strategy.


    Does anyone know if there is a way for the student to track the number of lessons he/she is completing? I give them a certain number of lessons they need to be at by a certain date, but then I have to go in and continuously check. I have 180 students to update daily! Thanks

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