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"La poudre de lait"

Translation:The powdered milk

January 8, 2013



It used to be commonly used, particularly in areas where refrigeration was expensive or limited. Fifty years ago in rural Alaska it was almost the only milk available. Also it was used extensively on hiking trips. And there are some recipes that still prefer powdered milk because it is more stable in cooking.


what's milk powder?


dehydrated milk


I do know what powdered milk (NOT milk powder in the US) is but if I was asked to make a list of 5000 words I thought I might need in French, powdered milk would not be on it. Is it wildly popular in France or something? Just wondering why Duo Lingo would introduce such an uncommon object?


It is very popular after the 2nd WW when fresh milk is very expensive and dehydrated milk into powder form is much more cheaper also easy to store without refrigerator. That is also expensive. When dilute in water will substitute milk. Now only use sometimes in baking.


Powdered milk is still used a lot in the Caribbean, South and Central America, where it is considered as very normal.


Here in Vietnam people use powdered milk too. I guess it's more common in developing countries than in developed countries.


Wow. I am really surprised to know this. Just as surprised as you were when you discovered that powdered milk existed, I am surprised of your surprise. In South, Central America and the Caribbean powdered milk is considered as normal as liquid milk.


Does anyone else's poudre sound funny? Like her voice is cracking or something??


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why is it "la poudre de lait" but it is "le sucre en poudre"? Why "de" vs "en"?


we generally say "le lait en poudre" because in the first place, milk is liquid and you don't get powder by grinding it (re: la poudre de café)

and we would not use "la poudre de sucre" for the same reason as with milk.


That makes more sense. I was confused because the article (la) was attached to "poudre". I put "the milk powder" and it was accepted, but am wondering if poudre can be an adj - as in "powdered" - as well as a noun?


No, French nouns cannot turn into adjectives, even if the reverse is true.

You will need a preposition to attach two nouns: le lait en poudre or la poudre de lait.


Great, thank you for the explanation.


Thank you for making it clear. That was really helpful. It is one of those cases where a detail makes the difference.


Thank you. Had wondered about poudre EN sucre, but poudre DE lait.


Sitesurf, Both "la poudre de lait" and "le lait en poudre" are introduced in this skill. You've said above that "le lait en poudre" is more commonly used, but do both meant exactly the same? I am unsure which to use when asked to translate Powdered Milk.


"Pour cette recette, j'utilise du lait en poudre plutôt que du lait en bouteille ou du lait concentré": those are the usual trade descriptions of various sorts of milk you can find on the market.

"La poudre de lait n'est pas aussi blanche que la poudre de riz.": this is how you can refer to it with your own words with a focus on "powder" rather than on "milk".


Merci beaucoup!


La poudre du lait est tres populaire en indonesie.


La même chose en Amérique du Sud et Centrale et dans les Caraïbes.


Yes, indeed. Still studying the French course on Duo?


Is it possible to translate it as: the powder of milk?


Why "powered", not "powdered"?


I suspect it was recently updated from 'milk powder' but a typo was made.


how come it's not du lait... milk is masculine?


Because in this case it's just "powder of milk" not "powder of the milk." The milk in question is not specific, it is used to identify the type of powder.


Just an idle question. Milk powder is definitely dry. Is powdered milk wet or dry (or both)? And does that affect the answer to this phrase because "la poudre de lait" sounds dry to me.


By definition, powders of any kind are dry because you get powder either by grinding a dry thing or by withdrawing water from a naturally wet material.

On powdered milk boxes or cans, you will read "lait en poudre" with some additives in the formula, (for baby powdered milk in particular). And "poudre de lait" would suggest that there are no additives.


I put, The powdered milk, what is wrong with my answer? That is what we call it in the USA.


Are you sure you wrote exactly like this? Because it is an accepted translation.


Yup, I just put "The powdered milk," and it was accepted.


I wrote the powder of milk and it was marked as wrong. Why? That is literally what it means.


I understand that "milk powder" is the same as powdered milk. But what the hell is "powder FOR milk," the other suggested correct answer?


In the US it's also referred to as dried milk--not accepted.


I don't think I've ever heard it called "dried milk." In which region have you heard that expression?


it doesn't accept:the powder of milk (2017/4/29)


it's still not accepted May 17, 2018. which is annoying.


because it's wrong... powdered milk or milk powder are the only two acceptable forms. In some instances you can hear "dry milk power" in phrases like "how to make dry milk powder" -- but "dry" is superfluous.


la poudre de lait - mais - le sucre en poudre ???

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