"Sütü değil suyu iç!"

Translation:Drink the water, not the milk!

November 9, 2015

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Would the sentence be the same to Turkish speakers if one said. Suyu iç sütü değil. or is that just not the Turkish way.


That's acceptable too.


I wrote ' do not drink milk, drink water'. Why is it not correct?


Because you translated "water" (su) and "milk" (süt), but in sentence "the water" (suyu) and "the milk" (sütü).


Why does the translation need the articles? Should this version also be correct? Don't drink milk, drink water!


No, that would be: Süt değil su iç! without any accusative.


Is there a way so that we know where the negative goes? It is really confusing


Why should it always have "the"


(Süt) = Milk only ! (Sütü)= The milk: We add 1-2 letters extra to the word to put "The" before the word On my educational journey of the Turkish language İ think if in the last of the word the letter "t" We put "u" to make (the) before the word Like Süt after put "the" it becomes Sütü , su means (water) If at the end of the word the letter "u" , we put "yu" if you want to put (the) the letter "a" if it in the end of the word And you want to put (the), we add "yı" like (elma) means apple, the apple means "elmayı" . The rest of the letters if you want to put (the) You put ı or i depend on...Like "kıtap" and thats mean (book) The book means Kitabı And other words, this is my first week, if there are any mistakes in my explanation please correct it, so that we can both benefit, happy day


Qué pocas palabras emplea el leguaje turco para decir tanto. Y uno tiene que adivinar lo que falta ...


Why is it not: Sütü içme, suyu iç?


Does this also translate to: "Do not drink the milk, drink the water!"?


Is it correct: Süt değil su iç?


Can we say " Suyu ìç sutu değil ???

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