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  5. "They are not here yet."

"They are not here yet."

Translation:De er ikke her ennå.

November 10, 2015



What's the difference between ennå and enda?


"Ennå" is an adverb dealing with time, and may be translated as either "still" or "yet", depending on the context.

"Enda" has several meanings; it can be used to mean "even" (as in "even more/stronger/better), "even if" or "despite" and a few other things. It can also be used in place of "ennå" when dealing with time, but this is a new development and still looks wrong to some.


I have seen sentences where the object noun or pronoun comes after the verb and before the negative. When should negatives like "ikke" be placed only after the verb, and when should they be placed after the noun being acted upon?


"De er ennå ikke her" and "De er ikke her ennå" are both accepted. Which of these is more common?


De er ei er ? Ei could be = to ikke?


Yes, "ei" is a much less common variant of "ikke".

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