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"I like to sleep while my sister is at school."

Translation:Я люблю спать, пока сестра в школе.

November 10, 2015



Where is the "my" in the translation? At least in English I wouldn't assume that the speaker is talking about their own sister.


Should "Мне нравится спать, пока моя сестра в школе" be accepted here?


This was posted 3 years ago and to this day it is not accepted as correct answer, lol.


It worked for me ( 19 of June 2019)


Пока wasn't bye?


Is во время a reasonable alternative to пока?


I notice I tend to translate "my sister" as <<моя сестра>. Duolingo accepts this, but Duo's preferred answer leaves out the word <<моя>. Is that standard in Russian? If someone speaks of their own sister, they just say <<сестра>, not <<моя сестра>? In English it wouldn't be clear to the listener whose sister the speaker was referring to. I take it this isn't the case in Russian?

What about if the sentence were in the second or third person? <<Ты любишь спать, пока твоя сестра в школе>? or <<Ты любишь спать, пока сестра в школе>?

<<Он любит спать, пока его сестра в школе>? or <<Он любит спать, пока сестра в школе>?


What would "поспать" mean? And and I believe that "мне нравится" is also correct, right?


Why not когда моя сестра в школе?


когда doesn't share the flexibility of "when" to mean "while/whilst"; rather когда is only a question "when", in the sense of "at which time/date/era"

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