"We thought that Anna was your daughter."

Translation:Мы думали, что Анна — ваша дочь.

3 years ago



The case should match in English -- "we thought that she is your daughter" is commonly said but grammatically incorrect. You were thinking about the "now" that was then, hence you were thinking that she "was" your daughter.

I agree, it's weird.

2 years ago

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Could anyone please explain me what's going on over here?

I texted: ''─'' and it was marked as incorrect, and as you can see on the pic, it's marked wrong, I'm using the same character though

1 year ago


Agree the cases need to agree it's an idea in the past. If it was an idea in the present then: i think that she is your daughter

1 year ago


I don't really know or care which is correct in english, I just want consistency. Sometimes Duolingo uses "is" and sometimes uses "was." I try to match the tense and it's extremely frustrating to get it wrong. If you want the Russian answer to be the present tense, then please change the English text to "is."

1 year ago
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