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"The milk and the bread are already on the table."

Translation:Молоко и хлеб уже на столе.

November 10, 2015



In Russian, grammatical cases are differ from English. To understand Russian grammatical case you must learn "Падеж" There are 6 grammatical case in Russian Именительный - Nominative Родительный - Genitive Дательный - Dative Винительный - Accusative Творительный - Instrumentalis Предложный - Locative

Именительный - стол - a table Родительный - стола - of table Дательный - столу - to the table Винительный - стол - the table Творительный - столом - with table Предложный - столе - on the table

"на столе" is a Locative Case


I have been filling a notebook with notes and grammatical/spelling practice of the russian language. You just added a very useful page for me. Спасибо


It's one of my biggest obstacles trying to learn cases with a language that doesn't have any


This is perfect, спасибо!


I have a question is "стол" used as a base/root which is then followed by 'a', 'e', 'om' and 'y' depending on the situation.


Why would "На столе уже молоко и хлеб" have been marked incorrect?


Sentence молоко и хлеб уже на столе is about location of the milk and bread. Your sentence - на столе уже молоко и хлеб - is about the objects which are already put on the table


Why is this "столe" and not "стол"?


«На стол» means “onto the table” and you would use it with motion.

«На столе» is “on the table” when there is no motion involved.


Thank you! That is very helpful.


"Столе" is the prepositional case. It's only used with prepositions. However not all prepositions use the prepositional case.

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