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"Will you come to the office on Tuesday?"

Translation:Ты приедешь в офис во вторник?

November 10, 2015



Shoud accept variant without "ты": Придешь в офис во вторник?


I dont know, but You can say it in conversation with russians, its correct


Movement verbs fuque you ! Ehy not simple and efficient ? Ты будешь приходить в офис во вторник ??


In case of repetitive actions you should use Ты будешь приходить в офис по вторникам? (Will you come to the office on Tuesdays) (It happens every Tuesday) Only like that ты будешь приходить sounds right


Why doesn't приидёшь work here?


it works in real life but in this course doesn't. And there is a bag it corrects the answer придешь as приедешь.


When should we use the preposition "в", and when "во"? I thought that "во" is used before the words beginning with "в-", because of the easier pronunciation. However, in some previous exercises it was written "в воскресенье". So, why is it В офис, and why ВО вторник?

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