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"five minutes"

Translation:пять минут

November 10, 2015



It is 1 МинутА 2,3,4... 22,23,24.... Х2, Х3, Х4. МинутЫ 5,6,7,8,9,10-20МинуТ 21, 31 , 41 ,.... 101 .... Х1 МинутА.


It seems like English is much easier than Russian!


Actually it is opposite you, just gotta get used to it. If you do all the lessons you will get it


I wrote: пять минуты Isn't "minutes" the plural of "minute"? I don't understand why pluralizing "minute" in Russian was incorrect.

[deactivated user]

    The noun forms used with numbers in Russian are a bit tricky.

    For numbers ending in 1 (except numbers ending in 11) you use the nominative singular form: одна́ мину́та 'one minute', ты́сяча и одна́ но́чь 'a thousand [nights] and one night', два́дцать одна́ карти́на ‘twenty-one paintings’, три́дцать оди́н слон 'thirty-one elephants'.

    For numbers ending in 2, 3, 4 (except ending in 12, 13, 14) you use the geninive singular form: две мину́ты 'two minutes', три карти́ны 'three paintings', четы́ре соба́ки 'four dogs', три́дцать четы́ре слона́ ‘thirty-four elephants’.

    For all the other numbers (numbers ending in 0, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11—19), you use genitive plural form: пя́ть мину́т, шесть слоно́в (6 elephants).

    Why 3 different cases? Well, in the past they were 3 different numbers! Slavic Languages used to have dual number (слон 'elephant' — слона '2 elephants' — слоны '3 or more elephants'), which got lost in Russian (in fact, in most Slavic languages except Slovenian), but dual got replaced with a different case form. (Why dual was used not only with 2, but also with 3 and 4? No idea. :D)


    Ahhh, thank you so much for the detailed clarification! I read the Duolingo notes but I didn't quite understand them until you came to my rescue (haha, perhaps I should go to sleep; it's late in my time zone ^^")


    This just seems ridiculously overcomplicated. How about a Russian language revolution to make all numbers nominative singular? Lol


    Russian is driffrent than English.


    фабрика звёзд just popped up in my mind


    Do i smell pantera in here?

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