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Guidance needed for Norwegian course!!

I am a newbie in the Norwegian language and started learning it today. Could anyone suggest me methods of learning the language fast and accurately so that I don't confuse with the other languages that I know? Could you also guide me to pronounce the words and alphabets in Norwegian?

Is there any other source from where I can build my basics and then come back to this course at Duolingo?

Thanks in advance :))


November 10, 2015



Make sure to read the Tips and Notes for each lesson. The first lesson - Basics - has a pronunciation guide that should help you. Norwegian pronunciation is usually fairly phonetic, but there are some unusual combinations to watch out for: sk, skj, kj, etc. You will have to use the website to read the Tips and Notes since they are not available on the mobile apps.

The ends of words are often a little difficult to hear correctly. The t is often not pronounced in words that end in t. And some of the other endings can cause you trouble: nouns ending in -en or -ene and some verbs ending in -er can be hard to hear.


sure, I speak Norwegian. It is important to focus on the gender-grammar. In english we say a girl, a boy, a baby sheep. In norwegian it is ei jente, en gutt, et lam. ei- fem. en- manly. et-nogender. It is just like in french.


Except that it's also common to say 'en jente'.


Okay, I got an idea of it! Thanks!


it would be hard to to help tonot confuse Norwegian with other languages you know simply because we don't know what other languages you know. Your profile tooltip says it's French and Portuguese - no, it's unlikely to mix up those with Norwegian unless you are really tired and lost attention focus. They belong to different groups.

Norwegian is pretty straightforward (in a good sense), there is nothing that would make you roll your eyes and ask "Dear God, WHY". However, it's very laconic so that might be a slight issue - you need to be really careful with spelling not to miss one little letter that would change the entire meaning of the word. Also make sure to read every comment section if the entry has any comments at all - Team Norwegian is amazingly supportive and there are tons of helpful information taht would explaind and expand your understanding of many things.


Thanks for your suggestion!!

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