"Et dyr"

Translation:An animal

November 10, 2015



Every time I see this, I first think dyr means deer.


I bought reindeer meat a few weeks ago in Norway, and a its title said "reinsdyr" and I was like okay, than deer is dyr. So yeah, I got your point :D


it's the same with Old English "déor" meant animal in the general sense, "ened" was the duck. some of the old English words still survive in one for or another which are similar to their other North Germanic cousins.


The English options "An" and "animal" gave it away because the two other words started with consonants.


What is the difference between "en" and "et" ?


All Norwegian nouns have a grammatical gender, and are declined accordingly.

en = indefinite article for masculine nouns.
ei = indefinite article for feminine* nouns.
et = indefinite article for neuter nouns.

*feminine nouns may be declined as if they were masculine, so they can take "en" in place of "ei".

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