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  5. "Do you eat salad?"

"Do you eat salad?"

Translation:Ви їсте салат?

November 10, 2015



Салат and german "Salat" is exactly the same :)


But the German is pronounced залат.


Can you also use the informal you, ти ?


Yes that would be ти їси салат


Is it O.K. to omit the pronoun ти, since the conjugation їси is unique to second person familiar? Duolingo marked Їси салат? wrong.


No, you do need to have ти. I think that's only for polish


OK thanks, that makes sense. In Russian, we omit the personal pronoun when the verb conjugation is unique to that perspective, but it's very casual speech with close friends and family. In public it sounds too informal to speak that way.


"Ти їж салад" has only a small spelling mistake. Why is it completly wrong?


The rule of thumb is the following: if your word is similar enough to the words Duo expects, it will be accepted as correct with a typo; However, if your typo resulted in you using another real word, it won't. It doesn't always work like this, but that pretty much covers 99% of typo management.

In your case, the correct answer would be Ти їси салат. If you wrote something like Ти їжи салад, it would have been accepted (most probably). However, you wrote Ти їж салад.

The word їж is not considered a typo, because it's a real word that means Eat!

Їж свій салат! - Eat your salad!

So that's the reason it was marked as a mistake and not a typo.


Ти їш салат

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