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Immersion for Russian?

Immersion has been IMMENSELY helpful for me in learning Spanish and I plan to continue to use it in other languages with the feature as well. It synthesizes everything taught in the Duolingo lessons into one comprehensive piece of writing. It also introduce people to vocab. never taught by Duolingo. Immersion really allows one to experience the language in real life (or as real as it can get through the Internet) and it's pretty amazing. Unfortunately, there's no Immersion feature for Russian (and for a lot of the well developed languages like Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, etc). Is Immersion coming to the Russian course soon? Can anyone recommend a site that has something similar to the Immersion feature for Russian? Thanks a bunch!

November 10, 2015



I found a really nice site that provides you with texts at the right difficulty level to be both not too hard and not too easy: https://bliubliu.com/

As for Duolingo's immersion, I'll just copy and paste my comments from the previous thread on this topic:

Duolingo is slowly giving up on immersion. It turned out to be unprofitable, and legally dubious in the EU.

As for the legal stuff, it's because the European Union has some provisions regarding volunteer work, which would force Duolingo to do something regarding EU immersion users translating paid content. I'm not sure what that something would be, maybe it would even be paying social security. Since Duolingo is small US company, they don't want to bother dealing with 28 countries just for that, but simultaneously, a huge chunk of potential translation power was blocked from being used as Duolingo's revenue source.

As for the money aspect, as you probably know, immersion produces low-quality translations and does it slowly. You can easily guess that "slow and bad translations" aren't a very marketable product.

This, and the fact that moderating immersion takes resources, made Duolingo give up on adding new languages to the immersion system. Their new revenue stream is cheap language certificates.


Nice find. The site looks good, just a shame it only gives you 5mins or so before you have to either refer someone for another 5mins or pay a subscription.

It seems similar to lingq, which I occasionally use to read texts using their iPad app. The lingq website is a bit dated, but reading text not heir app is good. Also like that you can listen to each word and also select different highlight shades depending on how well you know the words, rather than just know/unknown (easy/difficult) on bliu bliu.

Still I pay come back to Bliu Bliu after completing the Russian tree on duolingo. Would be nice if bliu bliu had some kind of app.


Thanks for the explanation! As much as I love Duolingo, I do fear for how sustainable this site is going to be in the future, especially if selling English certification is their way to pay the bills. I mean, what employer is going to give any credibility to a certification taking over the internet? Anyone could be sitting at a PC taking the test, how does Duolingo verify that the test taker is actually legitimately that person? Anyway, I hope that Duolingo will continue to be around and continue to be free forever, I just hope that more than anything it's enormous user base will mean that it is (to borrow a famous term from the corporate world) 'too big to fail'.


I wouldn't agree that giving certificates is a wrong source of income. There is a number of online platforms of learning, quite successful, functioning this way. When it comes to identity verification--I don't know what model Duolingo is using, but Coursera is doing that by analysis of typing pattern (electronic equivalent of a signature) and by a picture of the user taken from the camera of her or his device--that is, computer, tablet or phone. Not perfect, but not impossible either.


Are there any official comments from the DuoLingo team about dropping Immersion? Because I'd hate to see it go away: it was the most fun way for me to learn new languages.

I did already know that they stopped using it as a source of income, but I hope the option to learn by translating will never go away in the future!


I know that on some of the new courses that have been out longer, say Swedish, immersion hasn't become available for them yet. So I am guessing Russian won't be coming along any time soon.Why not create your own immersion? I recommend using learning with texts, www.lwtfi3m.com . The site allows you to import text and audio. You highlight words you do not know and can then study them until you do. I find it a very useful tool, especially once I've got past a duolingo tree. :)


That link does not seem to work, it gives Server Not Found error.


According to this Wiki post -( http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Immersion ) the Immersion feature is no longer being developed for any languages. That's a shame- I wonder why?


vytah explained why in his/her comment above.


I really wish that there was Immersion for all these other languages. It has helped me so much in French, and I find it such a great way to keep practicing and learning more of the language, after the Duolingo tree. It saddens me to see that it only exists for a few languages, it really helps so much!

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