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  5. "Москва вот здесь."

"Москва вот здесь."

Translation:Moscow is over here.

November 10, 2015



Why is >вот десь<< needed?

Why not just Москва здесь ?

[deactivated user]

    «Вот» is used when you show something. So, you point to a place on a map and say «Москва вот здесь» (which roughly corresponds to «Moscow is over here»). It roughly means: "Moscow is here, I'm showing it to you".

    «Москва здесь» without «вот» hasn’t this meaning of showing, and it's roughly translated "Moscow is here" (without "over").


    Thank you. I am asking because Вот has been previously used to show place, as in <<Вот Вания>>

    What is the rule for using "Вот" or "здесь" when saying "here" ?

    [deactivated user]

      «Ваня» is not a place, it's a person. «Вот Ваня» is said when you want to introduce Ваня to someone.

      «Здесь» is a translation of «here». «Вот» is used to bring attention to something, it's actually a separate word that is translated «here's» just because it's difficult to find a better translation in English (some people have compared it to French voilà; I don't speak French so I don't know how accurate it is).


      Yes, I was implying that «Вот Ваня» was stating "a person's physical position" as in "Here is (present) Ваня".

      Voilà is a contraction for "vois là (see there). It's as you said used to bringing attention to a subject, person, object, whatever. So, if this is the Russian equivalent to that, I understand now.

      I think another use of the word Вот could also be compared to the English word "Well", which is often a useless word that conveys pause (or a moment of thinking). "Well, I don't know..." . Of course, this has nothing to do with the exercise, it's just to let others be aware of its different uses.

      What I get from this is that Вот plays many different roles, depending on the context. Here/so/well/over.


      Voila is a great comparison. "well..." doesn't work at all. вот is a presentative. "well" is an interjection.


      Interesting, and 'ecco' in Italian I suppose?


      In previous lessons 'вот россия' was translated as 'Russia is here'.


      yeah makes sense, my russian teacher used to say вот здесь when demonstrating something for example, i suppose in the meaning of saying "like this right here"


      So i tried translating it to: "Here is Moscow" but it didn't work. Is it because it is invited or because it doesn't have "over here?" Thank you!


      вот is also translated as "Behold". That might help explain it's use to English speakers.


      Why not "Here is Moscow", as a sort of exclamation that you are pointing it out? It is how I would say it... :)


      I do not see why this sentence can't be translated as 'Here is Moscow'. Would that be more correct when it was 'Вот Москва'?


      Napoleon intensifies


      To me, "Moscow is here" and ?"Moscow is over here" have slightly different connotations.


      Why is it spelled "Москва" sometimes and then "Москве" at others. I suspect if I learn why this is, then I'll figure out all the lovely different ways to say "Germany", too!


      Because Russian has cases; so it is Москва in nominative et vocative, but in prepositional case it is в Москве. Look up russian cases chart, it should tell you everything you need.


      Москве Vs москва ?


      The -e ending is locative case: used when something is located IN Moscow. The -a ending is the nominative case: used when Moscow is the subject or you are just naming it. (This is the dictionary form of nouns.)


      Why is it 《Москва вот здесь》 and not just 《Вот Москва》 or 《Москва здесь》?


      Just curious, is "Over here is Moscow" wrong...i put that as my answer, and it said i got it wrong. i do realize it definitely does not sound as good as "moscow is over here"...but again, just curious(...even though curiousity killed the cat...)! ;p


      If I say вот Москва what would that mean?


      Strange that Duolingo introduced this in earlier lessons instead of solely introducing it here.


      I said "Moscow is around here" which to my ears sounds quite similar in meaning to "over here". Can a English native speaker please comment on that?


      One says "over here" when directing your attention to a specific place. The speaker is likely to point to or lead you to what they are indicating.

      One says "around here" when something is close by, but the specific location is not known or not evident.


      why is it neccessary to put an apostrophe behind zdes? in some cases, it will only be marked as a typo, in other cases it will be marked as wrong.

      [deactivated user]

        Apostrophe corresponds to the Russian soft sign (ь). In Russian, most consonants have 2 versions: hard and soft. Soft sign shows that the preceding consonant is soft (palatised). Compare the words рысь / rys' 'lynx' — мыс / mys, the former has a soft 's' and the latter has a hard 's'.


        Thank you for saying this. I looked around for an explanation of th apostrophe but couldn't find one. Since for some reason Duolingo doesn't use Cyrlllic in the questions (though it does in some answers), the whole transcription is confusing.

        [deactivated user]

          I think you can switch it to always use Cyrillic:


          I think Cyrillic should be the default option... :/


          Who'da knowed???


          The botton is desabled for me... Why?


          awful audio- it cut in and out.


          It told me I was wrong for saying it meant, Here is Moscow.


          The accent is on tbe wrong syllable. Shoukd sound' moskBA'


          Why "Moscow is There" is wrong?


          Why can't you say "This is Moscow here"?


          Points toward heart while saying it.


          Would just saying москва вот be a very primitive way of saying to someone "moscow here" on a map?


          Is вот тут a thing?


          So when would you use вот vs здесь vs тут?


          "Moscow is right here" is a valid literary trasslation. It's a same it is not accepted


          I shouldn't have been marked wrong for the contraction: Moscow's over here.


          Москва оr Москве?


          Is вот тут acceptable?

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