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  5. "Is it coffee or borsch?"

"Is it coffee or borsch?"

Translation:Это кофе или борщ?

November 10, 2015



I really wonder what this coffee must look like, if it might be confused with borsch ...


Or what the borsch looks like to be confused with coffee...


If it was supposed to be borsch but looked like coffee I'd expect the word order to be reversed. (Is that borsch or coffee?) :-)


yeah, I was just joking, haha.


...Is that coffee or borsch?


Всё проще - нужно просто напиться как следует. Там и вода вином будет казаться))) (Translate this with google, please, I might make a mistake)


A question all men must ask themselves some day.


I love that this one sounds like a lot of sass. I imagine the context could be that the speaker took a sip of some really rotten coffee haha!


Disclaimer: I dislike borscht, but I do know some people love it.


What's the difference between этот and это? And why is этот wrong in this case?


это - this is (introduces a subject)
этот - this (modifies a noun)

Это is a pronoun, while этот is an adjective; этот most also inflect for gender and number.

Э́то же́нщина.
This is a woman.

э́та же́нщина
this leg / this foot (f)

э́тот стул
this chair (m)

э́то де́рево
this tree (n)

э́ти дере́вья
these ears (pl)

I hope that that wasn't too confusing. For now, just know это as a pronoun, like "this is", and этот/а/о/и as an adjective, like "this thing".



If I understand this correct Это means I an unspecific "a". I you ask with Этот (this specific thing) it translates to something like "Is this coffee or is the borscht.", which sounds like you ask wether any of those exists at all.


Как можно было перепутать кофе и борщ?)))


It is ice cream


How the hell do you confuse coffee with borsch ??????


Is this 'б' letter supposed to sound like B or V? If it's V what is difference between б and в? If it is pronounced B what is the difference between б and ь?


б is a B sound however ь doesnt actually make a sound, it is meant to soften the consonant before it.


why can't you say "это кофе или боршч?"


Because "борщ" is the only correct way to spell and say "borsch" in Russian.


oh thanks, i mistakenly assumed "borsch" would be transliterated as боршч


Where did the t come from then? My дедушка (who used to make it for when we would visit) was Russian and I'm pretty sure I was taught the word as "borscht"


Me too. English is known for corrupting words it borrows from other languages, maybe that's all?


Except that I learned the word from my father and his first language was Russian. -ponders- How is it said in Ukrainian?


Щ in Ukrainian is SHT


Hm. According to Google Translate, it's exactly the same in Ukrainian, so I don't think that's it.


Борщ → boršč → borscht


I tried 'он кофе или борщ?' - is that completely wrong?


If I'm remembering right, that would be saying "Is he coffee or borscht?"


is ОН not used for 'it' in the masculine?


You're right in general, but it doesn't apply to this case. A lot of things in Russian are about how they sound and it just sounds wrong to a native speaker such as me. If you say "он кофе или борщ", in this case, it would sound as though you're 1) talking about a human which would make no sense, or 2) just saying something weird in general. So I recommend using "is this coffee or borsch?" in English and "это кофе или борщ" in Russian.


what is the difference between using кофе а борщ and using кофе а борщ? when i clicked on "or" it says either can be used but i got it wrong when i used "а".


I don't think that 'а' corresponds to 'or' exactly - 'а' is like a cross between 'but' and 'and'. Maybe there is a particular instance where 'а' is more like 'or' - but I don't think it's this one.

Like you can say: это не кофе а борщ - That is not coffee, but borsch

But your version with 'а' above would be: 'Is it coffee but borsch?' - which as you can see from the English, doesn't work.

HOWEVER, I am not a native speaker and looking at our levels, my Russian is not better than yours - so I don't know that for sure you can't use a here - and we'll have to await further confirmation :)


When I type in the romanized version of this sentence, it says that "borscht" is wrong. How should I spell it?


What is the difference between ш and щ? Because correct me if I am wrong, they don't sound that different


What an incredibly disturbing sentence


Why is it это and not эта


It, are happen every time.. Café not Coffee Или--лил

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