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"Ha preparado él solo la fiesta."

Translation:He has prepared the party alone.

January 8, 2013



Why not say this sentence simply, like: "Él ha preparado la fiesta solo."???


The sentence in Spanish want to make emphasis, so that order, perhaps "He has prepraed the party all alone" is a better translation


Personally, I like your sentence better.


This doesn't make sense. It seems to emphasize that the party in question prepared for the party, and only the party.

I think it would make more sense to say "he prepared FOR the party alone" or something along those lines. No one would phrase this in English the way the answer is currently laid out.


Yeah it would sound better in English to say "he has prepared the party all on his own" or "by himself", but the way the answer is phrased does make sense too.


"He alone's prepared the party". Are you serious Duo?


Yeah because that's a contraction of "He alone has prepared the party", which is perfectly normal and correct.


I agree, it just looks funny written down with the apostrophe :)


I think the English sentence doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it. "He has prepared the party alone", so perhaps he is the one who is setting up the party, and he is doing it by himself.


"He alone's prepared the party". Are you serious Duo?


this is a bit awkward. i wrote "he has prepared the party on his own" and it was accepted, but this makes me wonder how the "top translation" is picked...


What about "He has prepared the party by himself?". Or would that only be "lo mismo"?


I put "he has prepared the party by himself", and it was accepted.


Glad you went out on a limb on that one. I was too scared to so I stuck with: "He alone has prepared the party." which is accepted.


One of the solutions was "He has prepared himself the party". Really?


That one is truly incorrect. Sounds like he is going to be the only one attending, too. Usually that's called a pity party.


I was way off on this one, I took the got ready for form of preparado and thought "He has gotten ready just for the party" Now I'm curious, how would that be written in Spanish?


Él se preparó / se arregló sólo para la fiesta.


Thanks, so in this case there is no present perfect tense possible?


Brent, Yes, there is. I am just more used to using the preterito. Él se ha preparado...

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