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"What time is it now in London?"

Translation:Сколько сейчас времени в Лондоне?

November 10, 2015



I'm pretty sure the correct answer is actually wrong. It should be «который час» or at least «сколько времени».


Который час сейчас в Лондоне?


That's what I said and it told me I'm wrong. Surprised it's taken this long to get a response. Anyone? What are the correct ways to ask this question?


сколько часов сейчас в Лондоне - this should be correct as well. Seriously, this Russian course is a catastrophy so far... plenty of correct answers are considered as wrong


Calling it a catastrophe is quite unfair to the course contributors who have worked so hard on it. It's still in beta and it's generally very good already. No duolingo course accepts all possible correct answers, but these things improve over time if the users are constructive and file error reports.


Hear hear! I have started a lot of courses, and this one is remarkably good so far for a beta. It doesn't matter much if they don't accept something you know is right; just report it. At least they are not doing the "three mistakes and you start over" regime, so it doesn't slow down the process.


Is сейчас сколько времени в лондон wrong?


Yes, the wrong case on «Лондон».

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