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"Wir laden den Anhang der E-Mail nicht herunter."

Translation:We don't download the attachment of the email.

November 10, 2015



Why couldn't you said "from the e-mail" as well since that implies the same relationship?


I'm not sure if anyone uses the phrase "of the email". I agree, it definitely needs to be "from the". I tried using the phrase "from the" and got it wrong. Lesson learned!


I mean, strictly speaking, it's probably the same situation, but I interpret "from the email" as being the source of the download and "of the email" as establishing a relationship between the email and the attachment.

So I could say "I'm not downloading the attachment from the email" (but am downloading it from somewhere else), which would be slightly different from not downloading the file that is attached to the email (the attachment of the email) at all.

I'd also probably just say the email attachment (or maybe the email's attachment) rather than the attachment of the email, but that's really more of a flow thing that a correct/incorrect thing.


Can someone explain the use of herunter here? Why not hoch?


Laden...herunter= download Laden...noch= still loading Laden...hoch=upload


Laden... Laden noch... Laden noch immer... Entschuldigung, Ihr WLAN ist kaputt. Bringen Sie diesen Kabel, den in der bisherigen Duolingo Lektion am Strand gefunden haben.


It drives me crazy that Duo consistently uses sentences in the present tense that make little sense in English, but make good sense in the past tense.


Why is 'the appendix' wrong?


If it's attached to an email it's always called an "attachment".

An appendix is an additional section at the end of a book. It's also the little organ attached to the intestines.


Is 'der E-Mail' genitiv or dativ?


Why is "herunterladen" separated in this sentence? Could one not say "wir herunterladen den Anhung der E-mail nicht"? It sounds more "English" to me.


No. It's a separable verb, so the prefix 'herunter-' has to go to the end of the sentence.


I thought the same, that structure makes little sense to English trained brain..


Attachment "to" the e.Mail is better English , at least in England !


Yes, but only if you attach something to the email and not if you download the attachment of an email.


Lader herunter is download?


herunterladen, and it's separated here.


"we did not download the attachment from the email" should also be an acceptable response


Puzzled by the position of "nicht"

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